Email Marketing


Email marketing is a tool that target of the customers through electronic mail (email).Email marketing is quite simple and easy to use the tools of email to carry out advertising messages. Most of the Internet users have email accounts which allow them to accept an almost unlimited number of messages rapidly.

Email is an exceptionally flexible tool that can help you to accommodate a wide range of messages. Ads can be quite simple,Jazzy, multimedia packages. The visualization of the ad will depend on the company and their product promotion for sale. Some ads are only text while others include images, video, and long lists of is very useful for product as well as company branding through email marketing and also develop the relationship between potential customers or generating new prospect clients.

Types of email –

Email Marketing can be accomplish through different type of emails

Email Newsletters : 

These are regular emails that are sent to subscribers who have chosen to receive updates from a company. Newsletters generally don’t have categorical sales messages, but to build a relationship between a customers and a branding of product value is required through email marketing.

Transactional Emails :

These are emails that are sent out after certain actions trigger them. When a customer buys a product or makes a reservation, emails are sent out confirming that transaction. They regulate online business by giving customers a way to prove they have bought something. Transactional emails often convey to the customers regarding new sales messagestriggered.

Direct Emails :

Direct mails are used to inform customers about new products or upcoming product with a special sales discounts. They offer to customers with direct information about products or a link to the customers to access the product.

Email marketing is a part of internet marketing, which isincludes online marketing via websites, social media, blogs, etc.

E-Mail Marketing Techniques

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