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7 Strategies to Gain New Customers Online

7 Strategies to Gain New Customers Online

In today’s business world, social media has become more important for companies to get new customers. Many companies have realized the power of this medium. They have started using this platform to let people know about their products and services. There are also a number of online marketing strategies that can be used to attract new customers. If you want to get new customers, here are some of these online marketing tactics:

Blog – Create a blog on your website or you can use an externally-hosted blog platform. The goal is to share information with your readers and gain new insights on what is happening in your industry. You can write about current events, answer questions that your customers ask, give tips, etc. Just make sure that your content is relevant to what your readers are looking for. Make sure that the blog will still be useful to them even after you have shut it down.

Facebook – Join the Facebook Business Group and connect with other companies in your industry. Ask them to promote your blog posts. This will help you find new customers through social media. You may also want to join groups where other small businesses are promoting their products and services.

Twitter – Get involved in the Twitterverse. Create a profile for your company, tweet daily about newsworthy items, and update your fans with pictures and snippets from your day. It is important to update your followers so that they know what is happening in your company.

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YouTube – Get involved in the video blogging community. YouTube is an excellent tool to drive traffic to your blog. You can create a new video podcast that features a discussion between you and your customers.

LinkedIn – It is important to connect with your network. LinkedIn is a professional networking site where you can share your expertise. It can also be used to market your blog posts and your website. Create a profile, add a link back to your blog, and connect with your network. LinkedIn can be a valuable tool to market your business. However, be careful who you let in your network.

Email Signature – Add your company logo to your email signature. It will serve as your company’s branding statement. It is also a good place to insert your website address and/or blog URL. The more times you send this message, the better chance you have of someone reading it and clicking on it.

You can gain new customers by many avenues. Social media and the internet are great ways to spread the word about your company. There is no cost to get started and you will see the results quickly. Take the time to implement these methods and watch your business grow!

Blogging – Create a blog and add a comment section to it on a regular basis. Every time you make a comment, be sure to include a link to your website. This works for social media as well. You want to post at least three times a week. Make sure your blog is updated regularly so that people keep coming back to read new information.

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Facebook and Twitter – Join these two giants and start adding your friends and followers to your social networks. This is a great way to spread the word about your blog. You never know who will read it and then come back to purchase from you. It may even inspire some of your existing customers to do the same.

Use viral marketing – Once you gain new customers, share the love by sending them the link to your blog or Facebook status update. Ask if they would like to receive your information in their email. You never know who will take the plunge and buy from you. It’s not always easy to gain new customers, but if you stay persistent you will.

Email Signature – Use your signature to encourage your visitors to click through and check out your website. Add an offer to your emails. Ask them to sign up for your newsletter. Anything you can do to get your visitors to give you their name and email address and trust you will have a successful online business. And they will be glad to tell friends.

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