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Facebook strengthens security for brands and advertisers

The security policy of Facebook with respect to brands and advertisers is constantly evolving. The world’s most popular social network knows that brand security is a major concern for advertisers, so in the past few weeks it has announced a number of improvements aimed at giving more control over ad serving. Let’s see what they are.

Facebook security: more control over ads

When we use Facebook Ads , we are giving the Facebook advertising platform control over when, where and to whom our brand is shown. For some advertisers this can be problematic, as they want more control over their exposure. For this reason, Facebook has created a range of solutions focused on giving more control to the companies that advertise on the network:

  • Learn more about how ads are displayed, using publisher lists and delivery reports . Thanks to these reports, companies can know where impressions of their ads are taking place.
  • Option to create block lists to remove specific editors and applications, both on Facebook itself, in the Instant Articles and the Audience Network.
  • Collaboration with third-party companies to increase security on Facebook (more information in the next section).

In addition to these new controls, it should be remembered that Facebook has always offered advertisers the opportunity to choose ad locations in their own settings. Available placements vary based on the purpose of the ad, but here’s the full list of options:

  • Facebook news section.
  • Right column of Facebook.
  • Instant Facebook articles.
  • Facebook instream video.
  • Facebook Marketplace.
  • Facebook Stories.
  • Suggested videos from Facebook.
  • Instagram Stories.
  • Instagram news.
  • Native, banner and interstitial of Audience Network.
  • In-stream video from Audience Network.
  • Video with Audience Network award.
  • Advertising message.
  • Messenger inbox.
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Security on Facebook: collaborations with third parties

As we mentioned previously, another of the great novelties of security on Facebook is the collaboration with third-party companies to improve control for advertisers, through the new brand security function of the Facebook Marketing Partners (FMP) program . In principle, the platform is open to new collaborations, but for the moment these two have been announced:

  • DoubleVerify : This company offers measurement, data and marketing analytics software to verify the quality and effectiveness of digital media. Through its DV Pinnacle program, users can make easier decisions about the quality of their ad impressions, thanks to in-depth analysis and real-time data visualization.
  • OpenSlate – This company offers an independent content rating system to help you make better decisions around video ads. OpenSlate employs data science and proprietary solutions to provide more insight into the risks and opportunities of online video, so advertisers have greater decision-making power over the context in which their brand is displayed.

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