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Filmywap (2020): One-Stop destination for movie maniacs

Movies have always been a part of our lives. It doesn’t matter what age group you belong to or which language you speak, this one field of entertainment has been the favorite of the entire mankind. It is our love for movies, series, and songs that the stars working in them are treated as God by us. Well, more we get, more we crave for and it is difficult to find all of them at one platform. Even you pay money in theaters or for some legal sites like Netflix, you can’t get it all. If you are one of those movie buffs, who loves every genre of films and series, you should use sites like Filmywap. It is a wonderful website and here are some of the details related to it.

What is Filmywap?

Movies have always been a part of our lives. It doesn’t matter what age group you belong to or which language you speak, this one field of entertainment has been the favorite of the entire mankind. It is our love for movies, series, and songs that the stars working in them are treated as God by us. Well, more we get, more we crave for and it is difficult to find all of them at one platform. Even you pay money in theaters or for some legal sites like Netflix, you can’t get it all. If you are one of those movie buffs, who loves every genre of films and series, you should use sites like Filmywap. It is a wonderful website and here are some of the details related to it.

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What is Filmywap?

As we have mentioned in the previous section, this is a site where you can get all the popular movies and videos of your choice. It is a pirated site, which uploads movies just after it gets released. All the movies that you get to see here are of good quality. More than everything, it has got a huge collection. You can find movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and all the film industries around the globe. Not just this, you will get movies from all the languages like Tamil, Telegu, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, English, and whatnot. Despite the piracy issues, the site has never disappointed its users. In the following sections, we will get to know about it in complete detail.

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Here are some of the features of Filmywap that you must know before using it.

  • The very first thing for which this website is so popular is that it has got the highest collection of movies from all the possible categories. If you are a movie buff and enjoy movies from every genre, this is the best site for you. You will find the most popular and most offbeat movies together on this site. It has a huge collection of movies from Bollywood and other movie industries across the world. Not just movies, but it has also got a wide collection of TV series and other videos.
  • Another good thing about this one is that all the videos that you watch, here are of some great quality. There are a lot of people who think that movies on such sites are not uploaded in good quality. You get to see videos and videos with the resolutions 720p, 1080p, and many others. So, you don’t have to think about the quality in any way.
  • Out of all the good things that this site has, one is the sorted categories that it has. Now, there are days when you want to watch movies, but you don’t want to find it on your own. You can either take the suggestion of your friend or can come to Filmywap. Here, the different categories can give you enough suggestions and you won’t face any problem in finding a good movie for yourself.
  • A lot of people think that this is a pirated site, so you could not get access to it many times. Now, you will be glad to know that the website owners keep on changing the URL of it, from time to time. So, even the government ban this website due to some reason, you can find it and can download your favorite movie.
  • This website is a user-friendly one. To have an interest in watching movies, you don’t have to be tech-savvy and this should not come in between you and your movies. Filmywap has taken special care of this thing and has made the website in such a manner that you won’t face any problem in operating it, even if you do not know technology.
  • We all have the right to watch the latest releases, but do we get the chance of doing so? Well, the answer is no. Sometimes, it is because of money and sometimes it is because of the time. Whatever the reason may be, Filmywap is the ultimate solution. You can find them here.
  • The best part about this website for which we would suggest this one to our readers is that it is all free. Be it movies or series, you can get all of them free of cost. You can even watch them directly, without downloading them on your device.

One different Area which utilized by Filmywap in beforehand

  • Filmywap.dwell
  • Filmywap.gratifying


1. Bollywood Movies 

The very first category of movies that you will find here is Bollywood. You can say that this site is a bliss for those who love Bollywood movies all across the world. People trust Filmywap for Bollywood movies so much that movies from this category are the most downloaded movies of this site. You cannot just find the latest movies here, but rare of the rarest too.

2. Hindi Movies 2020

Another category on this website is that of Hindi movies. This again is the collection of movies made in the Bollywood industry. Here, you can get even those movies that are banned or are not from any big production house. This separate category will have movies similar to the previous one. You will get all kinds of movies to download in the Hindi language.

3. Latest Movies 

This is a mixed category. Here, we don’t have a fixed movie type. Any movie which got released recently will fall into this category. You need to go to this category and search for the movie you want to download.  To find the latest movies and download them, you will have to visit FilmWap Org. You won’t get old movies in the category.

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4. All Indian Movies 

This category again will have all the movies that are made in India. Be it any language, any genre, you will find them all here. This site has a huge collection of such movies. The best part about it is that you get to download or watch all these movies online for free.

5. Action Movies 

The next category is action movies. Not everyone likes action movies, but you will have to agree that there is this one particular group who just love action movies. So, if you are craving to watch any action movie, then this is the best place to find one. There are many action movies available to download or watch directly on this website.

6. Comedy Films 

Next up is the category that each one of us like watching. Watching comedy movies can just fill your day with joy and happiness. We guess, we all love these types of movies in some way or another and that is the reason that these are in popular demand.  On this site too, you will find most of the movies from this category.

7. Mystery Movies

Another category that is there on this site is of mystery movies. So, if you love movies that have suspense and thrill, you can come to this site. You will find movies of your liking and choice. Not just the movies that you want to see, but in case you need any suggestions, then also this site will help.

8. Horror Movies

Another popular category of movies that you will find on this site is horror. Horror movies could be watched with anyone including your family members. Some of the very good movies have been created until now in this particular genre. You can watch them all here.

9. Biography films

We have a lot of inspiring figures and incidents in this world. Time and again movie makers decide to make movies on the life of such personality and we call it a biopic. If you want to watch this type of movie, then you can find them on this site.

So, these were some of the categories that you can find on the site of Filmywap. These are a few of the categories that you can watch here. Apart from that, you have sports and war category too. There is a separate category of Hollywood movies too so that you don’t have to face any problem in finding your favorite.

Illegal Alternatives of Filmywap

There are multiple illegal alternatives to Fimywap available on the internet. All of these websites have got more or less the same features as the website of Filmywap and are as popular as Filmywap. So, in case the website of Filmywap is down or not functioning properly, you can use any of these websites to download or stream your favourite content.

1. Pagalworld

This is one of the most popular illegal websites for downloading content online. The website has got a huge collection of albums, tracks, video songs, movies, etc. for free download. This is one of the oldest websites to have existed in this category and because of this, it has got a large user base. The portal of the website has got a vast collection of MP3 songs, music videos, movies, etc. in Punjabi, Hindi, Marathi, and a wide range of other Indian languages. Users get easily lured towards this website because they got to download content such as MP3, movies, music videos, etc. which they can watch or listen to even when they are offline. The website offers movies as well as music videos in various qualities to the user for downloading, such as 360p, 720p, 1080p, etc. The website of Pagalworld is mainly popular for downloading songs but it has got a huge collection of movies too. The best part about this website is that all the content available on it has been categorised according to the release year or their genre. This makes the work of the user immensely easy as he or she can very easily find the content that he or she is looking for.

2 Extramovies

This is another very popular illegal alternative for the website of Filmywap. The website is popular for downloading movies in various Indian I languages such as Hollywood, Bollywood, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, etc. One of the salient features of the website is that Hollywood movies on the website are available in Hindi dubbed as well. The website not only provides the facility of downloading to the user, but also the user can stream his or her favourite movies online on the website. The movies on this website have been divided into categories and that makes it very easy for the user to search for that particular movie on the website. Some of the most popular movie categories on this website are Adventure movies, Biography movies, Animated movies, Action movies, Anima movies, Drama movies, Sci-Fi movies, etc. The user has got the option to download his or her favourite movie in whichever quality and whichever size, he or she wants to download it in.

3. Dvdwap

If you are a fan of Malayalam or Tamil movies, then this is the alternative that you should consider visiting. Although, the website has got a collection of other movies as well the focus of the website is mainly on the movies of Malayalam as well as the Tamil language. The website is Dvdwap has got a very user-friendly interface. The interface of this website is very simple as well as easy to handle. People generally don’t like too many complications in the interface of a website. In addition to this, the main page of the website has been designed in a very lucrative way. The user does not have to do a lot of research to search for a particular movie. There are multiple filters as well as bars that make the b work of looking for a movie very easier. There are language special filter if the user wants to look for the movie of a particular category. The website offers the feature of online streaming as well as downloading a movie as well. So, if a user wants to download a particular movie, then he or she can easily download it, and if not then they can stream the movie online.

4. Ipagal

This is another very useful website to download movies. The website has got a good collection of movies from Bollywood as well as Hollywood. For the people who are unable to understand a movie in a particular language, they can download the dubbed version of that particular movie and then watch it. The movies on this website are available in various categories such as 720 pixels as well as 1080 pixels. The movies on the website have been downloaded into various categories such as action movies, adventure movies, etc. The division of the movies is done based on the particular genre in which they fall. The website is widely popular amongst the people of South India. There is also a category of movies in which the movies have dual audio. One important feature of this website is that it offers the facility of online streaming to the users. The website mostly hosts South Indian movies. There is a huge category of South Indian movies which are available in Hindi dubbed as well. The movies on this website are available in various codecs as well such as DVDScr, BluRay, etc.

5. Tamilyogi

The website of Tamilyogi has leaked a large number of newly released movies online. This makes it immensely popular amongst the users. The website has got a collection of movies from Tollywood, Bollywood as well as Hollywood. The website leaks almost all the major newly released movies from Tollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood, etc. and puts it on their website for download. In the recent times, they have put up some of the most popular newly released movies such as Aadithya Verma, Baahubali: The Conclusion, Avengers: Endgame, Joker, Birds of Prey, Kadaram Kondan, Comrade, Chappak, etc. for download. The website features mainly on the Tamil as well as Telegu movies, but in addition to this three website has also got a huge collection of Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, English and Hindi movies. This website was mainly created to grant the users access to the latest Tamil as well as Telugu movies and that too in HD.

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6. Madras Rockers

This is one of the most visited as well as the most popular websites for downloading movies. The website is visited by the users for downloading movies in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and English languages, primarily, but in addition to that there are also movies in other languages. The movies on this website are available in MP4 format for download and the website offers high download speed to the users. The users have got the facility to download their favourite movies as well as stream them online according to their convenience. The website has not got a large number of annoying advertisements like other websites and this feature makes it very popular amongst the users. If there is someone who wants to watch Hollywood movies with subtitles, then for those people, there’s a huge category of movies on the website which has a collection of Hollywood movies with English subtitles.

7. Putlockers

This is a trendy website that is used for streaming content online. The website is used for streaming popular content such as TV series entertainment media, films, etc. The website is new in comparison to the other alternatives on the list. The website was launched in January in the year 2012. There is a huge fan base of the website amongst the users. Since its launch, the website has been providing quality online content to its users for streaming. It can be said that this website is a paradise for the people who love to watch various kinds of content by streaming it online. Online streaming a particular content is a very convenient way of watching it as the viewer does not have to fix a particular time to watch something.

8. Tamilgun

This is one of the most standard websites available online for downloading content. The website provides a long list of Hollywood, Bollywood movies along with Tollywood and Tamil movies. There is a cut-throat competition amongst the websites providing free content for the user to download but the website of Tamil gun has managed to survive in this cut-throat competition by providing a nice collection of HD movies for download by the user. Movies on the website are available in various sizes such as 300 Mb, 600 Mb, 900 Mb, 2 Gb movies, and many more. The equation for this is simple, the more the clarity of the movie is, the bigger it will be. There is a search field on the website for searching for the favorite movies of the users.

Legal alternatives of Filmywap

There is a long list of alternatives for the b websites of Filmywap. Some of these alternatives are legal while some of these alternatives are illegal pirate websites just like the website of Filmywap. It is always recommended to use the legal alternatives of a particular website to keep your data as well as device safe because there are various kinds of threats on the illegal alternative websites. Here, we will tell you about some of the most popular legal alternatives to the website of Filmywap.

1. Disney+

This a video-on-demand app that charges a monthly or annual subscription fee from the users for letting them stream or download the content available on it. In the current times, Disney+ is one of the best legal alternatives to the website of Fimywap. The quantity of content on Disney+ is not as vast at the website of Filmywap but the available content is very much impressive and because Disney+ has very recently started its operations, it’s safe to say that it’ll prove to be one of the best alternatives of the website of Filmywap and all such pirate websites. Certain movies can’t be found anyone else but they are available on Disney+ such as the Star War series and the movies from the Marvel movie universe. As we all know that Disney has recently bought FOX Studios, so we can expect that there will be content from both Disney+ as well as FOX Studios on Disney+. There are multiple television series that are available on Disney+.

2. HBO Now

This is kind of a standalone content providing service for all the shows as well as movies that have been produced under HBO Studios or any of its partners. Users will get access to a huge collection of premium as well as widely popular shows such as Game of Thrones and Westworld. On the website there is a great collection of documentaries, Comedy shows as well as movies and the best part about this is that the list is updated regularly. HBO Now too, just like other legal alternatives of the website of Filmywap charges a monthly or annual subscription fee but if we look at the vast amount of content that is available on the website, we will simply feel that the money that is being paid is completely worth it. The website offers one month of free usage to the users on a trial basis, so that they can use and decide whether the subscription fee is worth it or not.

3. Tubi TV

If you thought that all legal alternatives of the website of Filmywap will charge a monthly or annual subscription fee from the users to let them watch their favourite content, then you are completely wrong. Tubi TV is a very popular alternative and it doesn’t charge a single penny from the users in exchange for the wide range of content that it provides. There are multiple TV shows as well as movies on Tubi TV which you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The library of Tubi TV is very large and contains more than 50,000 titles in its collection. This is second to just Netflix. The source of income of Tubi TV is ads. It has got something to offer for people of every age group as well as fans of every genre. The website hosts content from various sources such as Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, Metro Godwin Mayer, etc. The website also hosts multiple independent cinemas for the b users to enjoy.

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4. SnagFilms

If you are a fan of independent films or documentaries, then this is the alternative for you to choose from. SnagFilms might not have a very huge library of content, but the content that can be found here is very difficult to be found anywhere else. The website hosts documentaries as well as an independent cinema from African, Spanish, Indian, French, and English cinema. The website has got content in more than 15 languages, including Hindi, Korean, Chinese, and a lot more. There is a wide range of genres of movies available on this website, such as cult horror, classic movies, etc. The website has got a collection of over five thousand independent movies as well as documentaries. Some of the content that you can find here will not be available anywhere else like LGBT cinema, high rated documentaries, etc.

5. Viewster

If you are looking for a good anime alternative for the website of Filmywap, then this might be the option for you to consider. This is legal as well as a legit website to watch TV Shows, movies, documentaries, anime, etc. The website provides the option of downloading as well as streaming your favourite content. The stream quality is decent and might change based on the speed of the internet that you have at your home. This means that if you have not got a stable internet connection, then you shouldn’t cast the content of the website on a big screen.

6. Veoh

This is another popular alternative that doesn’t charge any subscription fee from the users. The only issue with this website is that users might not get to see any new movie, but they have got a collection of some hand-picked documentaries as well as independent cinema. The website has got a good collection of near about seven thousand movies and most of this is short content. The best part about this website is that it shows very few ads in comparison to the other popular alternatives which generate revenue through ads. The website has a good number of monthly visitors. One of the most salient features of the website is that the content on this website is sorted based on popularity, genre, length, subtitles, and various other factors.

7. Netflix 

If there’s one undisputed leader in the world of video-on-demand apps, it’s Netflix. This app has got both quantities as well as quality in terms of content. The app has got a vast library of movies, TV shows, web shows, and a lot more. The app provides the user with the option to stream their favourite content as well as download it. There are multiple shows on Netflix that have been produced by Netflix itself and in addition to this, the app has also got a vast collection of movies as well as shows from other sources. This is probably the most popular legal alternative to the website of Filmywap or any other such pirate website. The app charges a monthly as well as annual subscription fee but if you consider the amount of content that you are getting in return, then you will not mind paying it.

8. Amazon Prime Video

This is another very popular video-on-demand service. The app has got a huge collection of TV Series, Web series, movies, programs, animations, and a lot more. The best part about this app is that it keeps updating its library regularly. The growth of content on this app is really impressive. The app hosts show as well as movies from some of the biggest production houses in the world. The digital rights of the streaming of live streaming of ATP, NFL, Premier League has also been acquired by Amazon prime video. The app has services across the globe and keeps rights to country-specific local shows as well as movies.


Filmywap is undoubtedly one of the best platforms where you can find the best movies and that too free of cost. Not just the latest movies, but the movies that are not easy to find anywhere else could be found on this site. Therefore, it is one of the best websites of its kind. However, how content is uploaded on the site is not right at all. The government too had banned it several times. We in no way promote piracy on this page and we request our readers too, to not use these types of websites. If found guilty of uploading or downloading any content here, you can go behind the bars too. We request you to go to the theatres only to watch the latest movies. If you want an alternative to this site, then we would suggest that you use legal alternatives only like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.


Does Filmywap have an app? 

There is no app of this particular website issued by the authorities. However, you can find many apps and other alternatives to this one.

Is it safe to download movies from this site? 

No, it is not safe to download movies from this website. Filmywap is a pirated site and one should not download content from here. Along with that, it contains malware which can eventually corrupt the device that you are using.

Why does the website stop working at times? 

As we have mentioned earlier only that this is not a legal website and downloading or uploading comment on it is a punishable offense. So, to protect themselves from the punishment, the owners of the site stops the functioning of it from time to time.

How does the Filmywap website work? 

As we know that this is a site where you can find all your favorite movies and videos. So, the day when these contents are released, the owners of the website leak them somehow and upload it on the site. You can download or can watch the videos directly here.

Is it legal to download content from Filmywap? 

No, downloading content from Filmywap is not legal. It is a pirated website, where movies and videos are uploaded without the permission of the real creators. If you are caught using the site, you may have to face problems.

Why is this website so popular? 

We all are movie maniacs in some way or another. We just can’t do without them, but you have to pay a good amount if you want to watch them. This is a website that brings the best and the latest movies to you and that too free of cost. This is the reason that it is so popular.

What is the punishment for using Filmywap? 

As we have mentioned already that using these types of sites is a punishable offense, you do have to face the law if you are caught. If someone finds you uploading or downloading content from the website, then you will have to go to jail for at least six months or you will have to pay a fine of 50,000 bucks. However, no one has ever been caught or being jailed until now in this case.

How to unlock content on Filmywap? 

To unlock content on Filmywap, you need to remember your VPN number. This is the number that will also help in hiding yourself or protecting from any of the legal bodies.

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