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Gaming Great for Holiday Gifts

Video games have grown into a massive industry in such a short time. The industry has benefited from technological developments over time and, as such, has become a go-to for holiday shoppers.

Some games don’t even need to be purchased, as offering cash to spend with an online casino is an option for some, regardless of how young or old they are. Gaming has changed in a lot of ways, but the COVID-19 pandemic increased the usage of those playing online.

There are a variety of different things that go into gaming online. Shoppers have plenty of options to help their loved ones get better or at least improve their home setup.

For the streamers

The pandemic increased streaming traffic with people who were home due to the deadly disease sweeping across the globe, and many people bonded over playing video games. Streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook benefitted as people were streaming to try and build a community and earn a few extra dollars. There are some streamers who create content as a full-time job and have significant influence over their communities.

Those who do stream are often looking to upgrade their technology. Some holiday gifts for them could be upgrading cameras, particularly looking at high definition. Other upgrades include a larger ElGato Stream Deck, computer parts for better quality and faster processing speeds, and better microphones. There are also different monitors that can be upgraded.

For the gamers

While the newest generation of consoles has been out for more than two years, many gamers are still looking to get an Xbox Series X or S or a PlayStation 5. They were incredibly difficult to get due to limited supplies when first released. They are more readily available, but the holidays are always a difficult time to find gaming gadgets.

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Upgrading the consoles will allow for better frame rates, clearer graphics, and faster speeds, as the technology is better overall. Game developers are also focusing on producing newer consoles as they become more widespread. That means the older consoles will be fazed out eventually by the developers in an effort to appeal to their more extensive consumer base.

There are other options, too, such as picking up a gaming computer or laptop. There are options to buy prebuilt devices or for people to build their own by purchasing all the different parts individually, which is typically cheaper but more labor-intensive. And time is money during the holidays.


Knowing what the loved one uses is critical. Buying controllers is always a great option because of the wear and tear they take among those who are competitive. Even casual gamers will have wear and tear on their devices over time.

There are a variety of different headsets for people to choose from. Be sure they are compatible with the suitable device, but there are some improved headsets that will be noise canceling and allow for greater focus.

Also, look for computer or laptop gamers who need a different mouse, mouse pad, or keyboard that all add comfort.

Those who do stream are looking for decorations and other ways to improve their streaming setup for their communities. Getting a decorative piece based on their interests is always a great option as well.

There are other devices for gamers, too. A Chronus is looked down upon because of the aid it gives to gamers and is used among cheaters. But those looking to have a good time don’t often care about that, especially if they aren’t streaming.

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A lot of devices in the gaming industry are aimed at the competitiveness that has been developed. Titles are broadcasting professional leagues as esports has grown. Gamers are learning traits from the professionals as they watch, whether it is NBA 2K, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and a variety of different titles.

Each pro team also has its merch. Like professional teams and athletes, esports gamers are the same way. They all have their brands and images that they will sell, and there is undoubtedly a market for them. It’s no different than having a pair of Jordan brand shoes or a favorite player’s replica jersey.

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