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How Customer Experience Management can boost your sales?

Customer Experience Management (CEM) knows the importance that customers have taken in the development of the company in recent years. They have more and more decision-making power, more options and are more demanding.

Certainly, every company wants to maintain a good relationship with its customers. But today, more than a desire, it is a necessity. That is why having good management of customer experience and opinions takes such importance. 

New consumers relate, to a large extent, the quality of the service to the overall quality of the brand. We could say that the products have almost gone into the background, prioritizing experience and solving concerns or needs. 

The customer experience management is the way we can take all these impressions, experiences, and satisfaction, and analyze them . This will allow us to feed on customer feedback in order to optimize our processes and provide the best possible answers and solutions.

If you want to know a little more about this, here we will tell you everything you need to know to implement the CEM successfully. Join us.

What is Customer Experience Management? 

The Customer Experience Management is the process by which a company measures and analyzes customer experiences with the brand. This management, also known as CEM or CXM, seeks to generate greater customer loyalty throughout the purchase process.

New marketing trends indicate that we must ensure that we provide the customer with a satisfactory experience at all times of the relationship with the brand. That is why the CEM has a very important role if we want to develop loyalty strategies.

Why invest in creating a good experience with Customer Experience Management?

In order to grow our loyal customers and build a strong community of satisfied customers, it is necessary to provide them with a good experience. And this is not only summarized in the purchase, it also covers the entire life cycle of the customer 

Companies must be concerned with providing good experiences to their clients to make them recurring and subsequent independent brand ambassadors. 

For this, we must ensure that the right work is being done at each level of the purchasing process. Only in this way the client will be able to obtain the attention and quality of service that he requires. 

In this new era, led by digital media, customers have many channels through which they can interact with the brand. And many others who can comment on it.

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To maintain adequate control and monitoring of customer opinions and interactions, we must be attentive to their comments through all these channels. 

There are many ways in which we can carry out a correct customer experience management . But regardless of what we want to implement, it must be related to the preferred channels and media of the clients. 

Clients are the main protagonists of business development. They are the ones that provide us with income, sales and give recognition to the brand. Investing in strategies and actions that help us enhance your satisfaction is vital, since it will give results at various levels of the company.

How to measure Customer Experience Management? 

What cannot be measured cannot be controlled. That is why it is vital to apply measurement strategies to our customer experience management. 

However, while we might think that the whole process can be done simply by reviewing comments and interactions, we should know that it is much more than that. 

For this reason, it is necessary that we have the support of various tools that allow us to have clear and objective results. And to help you with this point, here we recommend some options that will be very helpful. 

1. HubSpot Service Hub 

HubSpot Service Hub is an administration and customer service software that allows you to do everything in an automated way. 

Good customer service starts with a quick and efficient response to concerns. That is why this tool gives you a single inbox where all the brand’s interaction channels are included. That allows you to respond more efficiently and comfortably. 

In addition to this, it provides you with various tools and options from the HubSpot platform. Thus you will have access to free CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, among others. It is undoubtedly a way to manage your brand and customer service in a unitary and comprehensive way. 

2. SurveyMonkey CX

SurveyMonkey CX is an online platform for personalized surveys . This can greatly help your customer experience management. 

Through this tool you can generate various satisfaction surveys that will allow you to know first-hand the experience of your customers. 

And if you want to go a little further, you can even apply these surveys to your team. This way you can have a better perception of the internal operation of the company, which also influences the satisfaction of the final service.

3. Genesys 

Genesys is one of the most current and efficient cloud customer service platforms today. A large number of recognized companies use it as part of their satisfaction strategies. 

This software allows you to have a direct interaction channel with the brand through a contact center. This is managed by your own customer service department, but in a much more optimized and efficient way.

Simple training will be necessary for the personnel who will be in charge of the operation of the software. It also allows customization of the service and adaptation to the needs of each company. You will be able to give your clients personalized and prompt attention at all times.

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4. Genwords

Genwords offers you a comprehensive customer management service with which you can obtain visible results in your sales. A correct customer experience management must have a good lead management from the first moment and Genwords knows it.

Thus, it is in charge of all the strategy related to the creation and dissemination of content of interest to the client. It also performs the results measurements and allows you to have control of which areas to work on. 

An important part of achieving customer satisfaction is providing quality content throughout the purchasing process. So you must have good lead management to achieve loyalty. 

What impact can CEM or CXM have on your sales? 

If it is still not clear why you should worry about having a good customer experience management , here we will show you some interesting information. Although this is a management focused on customer satisfaction, it also generates direct benefits for the company.

And since sales are a fundamental point for the development and sustainability of the company, we will talk a little about the influence of CEM on them. 

According to studies conducted by Salesforce , 67% of users indicate that their expectations of satisfaction with brands are higher than ever. And in turn, 80% of them indicated that attention and service is as important as the product they are purchasing. 

This tells us one thing: customers must be satisfied with the service in order to be satisfied with the product. Which undoubtedly affects sales.

Regarding the power of sales satisfaction. In the same study, 57% of users stopped buying brand products due to a bad experience, which affects recurrence. In addition, 62% tell others about their bad experience, which affects new leads. 

And as an important point, 79% of users are willing to share personal information in order to obtain an efficient and personalized service. This personal information will be vital to keep track of the customer’s buyer cycle and lean towards loyalty. 

In short, new consumers take customer care and service as a determining point in the purchase decision. This makes the management of customer experience management have a direct relationship in the sales of the company at various levels.

Inbound Marketing strategies to strengthen the CEM or CXM 

In the search for maximum customer satisfaction and quality of service, each company must base itself on its own objectives and characteristics. Not all customers can be loyalty in the same way, or at the same time. 

That is why it is vital to have a broad understanding of clients’ interests and needs. Only then can you provide an adequate and personal experience. 

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However, there are certain strategies and actions that can be applied to increase the effectiveness of your customer experience management. Here we discuss some: 

Maintain customer focus

Although it may seem simple, many companies have failed to have a real perception of the importance of focusing on customer well-being. And as this is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary process, it is essential that all business areas are connected to the same goal. 

In addition, when the company understands the customer’s needs, it can channel comments and opinions as constructive. This way you can get the most out of the feedback. 

Know your clients

Not all your clients are the same, nor do they require the same type of attention. That is why it is necessary to have a wide knowledge of each one of them to be able to attend them effectively. 

Knowing what their interests, purchasing patterns, concerns and needs are is vital to be able to put yourself in their place and offer them the best care. Remember that addressing a 40-year-old client is not the same as addressing a 25-year-old. Every detail is fundamental and influential. 

Create an emotional connection

Good customer service is not enough without an empathetic or emotional component. The client must feel that the company has a real interest in their well-being and only in this way will a relationship of trust be created. 

Customers want to feel important and listened to, so taking their opinions into consideration will always be well received. The more trust and empathy there is between the customer and the brand, the easier their loyalty will be. 

Current and timely opinions

A customer experience a couple of months ago will not necessarily be the same today. It is important to maintain a feedbacks processing flow as automatically and immediately as possible. 

The faster the attention to a query or request from a client, the more possibilities there will be for an effective resolution. The quality of care is important, but so is immediacy.

Measure your results

In order to know if your actions and strategies are paying off, it is necessary to have objective and real control of the results. 

Only by having knowledge of the results of your actions is it possible to take the necessary measures to improve and calibrate them. Everything that wants to be controlled must be measured and the interactions of your clients are no exception. 


Companies are currently in a constant struggle for the forefront and consumer preference. The key to success at this point will be to provide them with the best possible shopping and service experience. 

The customer experience management is a necessary and beneficial process that must be applied to improve the relationship with our community.

In the comments and impressions of customers are the most important points to improve or strengthen our strategies. And this is valuable information that we cannot underestimate. 

We must remember that users no longer only look for products, they also want memorable and enriching experiences. With a good analysis of the interactions of your clients you will be able to know if you are on the road to loyalty. 

If you are interested in optimizing your processes and strategies for the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers, the CEM is essential to achieve this. 

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