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Improve Search Engine Results

Easy SEO Techniques For Improved Search Engine Results

Easy SEO Techniques For Time Strapped Entrepreneurs! It is becoming more of a challenge to drive traffic to your website. Search engine algorithms are getting ever more complex and it can take months or even years for an experienced SEO expert to learn how to best optimize their site for top search engine placement. But with these three simple easy steps, anyone can start building the right foundation for a successful search engine optimization campaign.

Start Building Your Backlinks –

The easiest SEO technique for a new site is to simply build backlinks to your site on relevant forums and article directories. If you are a good Internet marketer, you probably have a few friends and family members that are also into Internet marketing or have knowledge about how to get the word out there. Ask them to be a friend or add you on as an author. Backlinks are one of the most powerful free marketing tools available.

Add Value to Your Site –

Don’t worry about adding tons of fancy stuff on your website. All you need to do is provide great content and a great customer experience. Remember, search engines like it when they see a site that is a quality resource and that is not trying to just sell you something. And it sure beats spamming your way to the top of the search engine rankings!

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Make Your Site Easy to Use –

Don’t try to be a genius at HTML and code when creating your web pages. The only thing that will make your site more appealing to search engines is if you are able to use it quickly and easily. Keep navigation clear, easy to understand and streamlined. Search engines love websites that are well designed.

Keep Your Site Under Control –

There are many ways to disrupt a search engine ranking system. One of the easiest things you can do is remove yourself from the site. Don’t leave the site. Don’t respond to any emails sent to you by the owners of the site. Doing so will cause the search engines to think your site is no longer available to view and will drop your page from their index.

Take a Short Vacation from Website Designing –

It’s important to stop thinking in terms of big and awesome website designs and start doing actual work with your site. Creating the actual content for your site is just as important as how you create the content. Put effort into building a strong backlinks profile and submitting your site to all the major search engines. Do short keyword searches on Google and find out what terms people are using to find your type of content. Then create content around those keywords!

Optimize Your Meta Tags –

Every time you create a new page on your site, the search engine will send you an email asking you to include a description and keywords. Meta tags are what the search engine finds when it does a search. A good optimization strategy is to place the most important keywords and key phrases at the top of your meta tag and the least important ones at the bottom. If you have two or more keywords, put them in your meta tag description. Also, think about how your site looks when someone visits it. Adding a link to your home page works very well.

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Add a “link” button to your site –

Make sure that every single page has a link pointing to it. This includes all internal pages (if you use one), images, videos and anything else that can be found on your site. Do some keyword research and find out what sites have links with similar keywords that are relevant to yours. Place these links in the most appropriate places on your site.


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