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Blockchain and Boxing: The Growing Partnership Between Sport and Technology

The world of boxing is at the highest level, given how exciting the sport has become. We have many youngsters taking the experts by storm and pushing the competition to another level. Although some top boxers have remained consistent as the best, the challenge is never-ending, and only the best retain their crown. 

Undoubtedly, boxing predictions have become trickier because it has become hard to tell who will win a fight. The battle remains challenging, and you can always consider following the calendar. You shouldn’t miss any action because if you sleep on it, you might miss one of the greatest moments ever.

Therefore, staying glued to the sport keeps you at the highest level, making it easy to tell who is performing and which player is not. Fortunately, technology has made everything better. Fans and other stakeholders have more to gain from following this sport since technology has increased the available benefits. 

Aside from that, bettors get access to resources that can help them become better with their picks. They can make better boxing predictions tonight since they can access expert picks. These days, it is easier for bettors to get to the highest level. The chances of winning have even increased with these technologies. 

The introduction of blockchain takes the sport to another level. We can see that there is more to the sport, which has brought more excitement. The engagement level has increased, and with the numerous projects we’ve seen over the years, it is evident that blockchain and boxing have more to come. 

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We can’t underestimate the growing partnership because it has become more prominent than before. Join us as we explore some of the projects from this partnership and the impact blockchain has had on boxing in the last couple of years. 


We’ve seen many NFT, blockchain-based video games since the popularity of the crypto world increased. Boxing is one of the sports to accept this technology; as a result, we’ve seen many projects based on crypto and boxing. One of the most popular is the CryptoBoxers game. 

It is the first blockchain boxing game that allows users to enjoy boxing and the goodies that come with the crypto world. We can tell that the industry’s growth is increasing, and more people will enjoy the benefits of it. Aside from that, CryptoBoxers give us more things to enjoy.

Pay Per View NFT

Watching matches is one of the essential parts of the boxing world. We can tell that the excitement comes when you have access to Pay Per View games. It might be expensive, but in most cases, it is worthwhile. Therefore, we can tell that more people will gain access to these matches thanks to the new NFT Pay-Per-View project. 

We’ve already seen it in action, and it provides exclusive rights to NFT holders. Therefore, it helps to propel the industry and technology, making the sport more popular. Even fighters would have the chance to earn money since access is limited to those with the NFTs. The benefits are limitless. 

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Boxing NFT Projects

Non-fungible tokens are now massive innovations that have taken different industries by storm. The sporting world enjoys the thrill of NFTs more because of the utility most of them have. So, you can rest assured that you can find a project you will enter, and whenever you grow, you will also earn more. 

These NFT projects also let owners enjoy play-to-earn games that can help them win more money. Therefore, we look forward to a massive partnership that will see both sides produce an excellent experience for boxing fans. You can check out the available boxing NFTs to learn more. 

Cryptocurrency Assets

Boxing is one of the sports that offer cryptocurrency assets to fans. Some are fan tokens, while others are useful for those who want to engage in some parts of the sport. You just have to look for the one that works for you. 

The good thing is that you can trust these assets because they are based on the sport. So, you should consider these assets, and if you’re a bettor, you can use these assets to invest your money on boxing picks

Our Thoughts

We believe boxing and blockchain have unfinished business, and the best is yet to come. More projects will come around as time goes on. To be part of this partnership, you should try staying up to date with the news to know what’s next. 

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