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Online Games and Blockchain: How the Technology is Making Video Gaming Better

People engage in video games whenever they are free. Many online games have been helpful for everyone who plays, especially when it involves money. Some scientists found that online games help children improve their learning skills and social media interaction. It also benefits the human body system. 

If you want to play online video games or top casino games online, you must have access to the internet. The games are always available on modern gaming platforms like PC and mobile devils. The genres of these games include first-person shooter, action games, strategy games, and multiplayer online games. 

Playing the game has positive effects, so you must understand why you should play it. It gives better memory and problem-solving to improve mood and social skills. People who do not play video games feel it makes them lazy, as it affects their brain or damages their social life. Technology has made video gaming better. 

Many technologies have been invented to ease every player while playing an online game. The technologies include AR ( Augmented Reality), MR ( Mixed Reality), and VR ( Virtual reality), all are hardware and software used to develop video technology. 

Regarding Online games and Blockchain, various games now accept blockchains (e.g., Bitcoins and Ethereum), which helps to help players trade any items they want for profits or other resources. 

We all know that blockchains create a proper record for every item, and players know that it can’t be stolen or duplicated. Also, it helps to allow every player to buy in-game assets from other players online. 

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Play-to-Earn Games

The first way how online games and Blockchain have been making video gaming better is through Play-to-earn games. The play-to-earn games are games every player plays, which creates value by helping them to monetize their in-game assets, which helps developers earn revenues. 

The goal behind the play-to-earn games is that players can collect NFTs or cryptocurrencies produced in the Blockchain in-game. In contrast, another player generates them whenever they sell the in-game NFTs or earn cryptocurrency rewards. However, players can exchange fiat cash with NFTs or cryptocurrency

Decentralized Gaming

Another way online games and blocking have helped video gaming better is through Decentralized gaming. Decentralized gaming is very beneficial for every player because it allows them to make decisions, unlike traditional gaming, where developers only make decisions on their own. 

Online and Blockchain games help players to make decisions and create rare in-game assets. The primary use of decentralized gaming with blockchain technology is to give young developers a collaborative space to come out boldly and explore their potential. Not only that, but NFT holders also use it in trading rare NFTs and other collectibles items. 

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming has also helped video gaming to be better. It operates so that players do not need to download games directly into a local system. Instead, the game is stored and used remotely on a provider’s specific hardware. 

Cloud gaming can also be called gaming on demand or a service. It differs from traditional means, where users can play games locally on PC or mobile and use video game consoles to play their favorite online games. 

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Cloud gaming has so many advantages, one of which is that viewers can quickly join a player session and temporarily take control of the game. Cloud gaming has highly qualified video, requiring low latency on high-speed internet connections. G-cluster started the cloud gaming technology, introducing its products at the 2000E3, and was released in 2003.  

Free Resources

Technology has been making video gaming better since the invention of different technologies. The technology gives free resources to people who want to earn from online gaming. There are different resources in gaming, including money, land, tokens, natural resources, human resources, and game points. 

Free resources in video games that have to make video gaming better include; Documentaries and interviews, GDC Talks, Video Games Engines (Unreal 5 and Unity), Artbooks, Blender, and many more. 

Improved Experience

One of the experience technology has given every player is enabling people to interact with each other as they play online games. That alone is an exciting experience for people that play video games. Another experience is that there are many websites created where people can play online games in groups, which for example, can be a social event, like esports games. 

On the other hand, another improved experience is using different gaming gadgets like VR headsets or VR glasses which gives players excitement while playing virtual gaming. The COF ( Call of Duty) is an example of a game in which payers can interact with each other while playing online games.

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