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6 Things They Didn’t Tell You About Doing Digital Marketing

Today, it seems that there are experts, gurus and eminences of digital marketing and social media on every corner. Agencies that compete to be the most creative, the most effective and with the best clients. But that’s how it is? Are so many truly effective experts in the art of Digital Marketing?

There are aspects of this branch of marketing that not everyone knows or has not taken on the task of studying. It is true, today it is very easy to have a website and profiles on social networks, but it is not so easy to achieve objectives and achieve sales rates through digital media.

It is not enough to create a page on Facebook. Now it is much more complex, and aspects that make Digital Marketing a science in itself, full of metrics, analysis and platforms, continue to be added. 

Here I leave you 6 Facts that were not told about Digital Marketing that you wish you had known before: 

1. It is very technical 

To achieve results it is not enough just to make beautiful designs. You will need a team that knows about websites, SEO, digital guidelines, copywriting, graphic design.

Behind all these things you may have to know how to program or know well about numbers and statistics. I’m not telling you that you need to do a university degree again, but you should be very aware of new trends, courses, talks on the subject, books, podcasts .

In Digital Marketing novelties appear almost daily and whoever does not know them does not exist.

2. It Takes Time to Achieve Results 

if someone promises you results in one day, they are lying to you. Well-planned strategies have short, medium and long-term expectations and it takes time to see results.

You will not be able to see the growth of your blog, your database or your social networks in a few days. The wait will depend on the strategy and the investment.

3. Without Digital Guideline Nothing Is Achieved 

And it is not cheap. You have to allocate at least a thousand dollars a month to start achieving results .

Therefore, it is important that you get advice and make alliances with true experts in the subject, because it is a large investment that you make so that your brand or business has the visibility they deserve.

Paying for an Instagram ad to achieve more reach is not the same as designing an entire ad strategy that targets specific objectives. That costs money, time, and knowledge. 

Expecting large numbers just for organic reach is very naive. Yes, trust your content and the quality of your brand, but the push of the guideline is essential.

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4. You will need Management Tools

Reporting systems, Inbound Marketing tools, metric analysis platforms.

All these tools cost money, if you want to know their true potential and get the most out of them. Yes, almost all have a free trial period for you to fall in love with and then pay for it.

They yield very useful results that will help you adjust your strategy and achieve better results. Investing in them is not a luxury, it is necessary.

5. Likes or Followers are useless

Just so your pride grows. You have to focus on leads or sales directly. Have you seen those accounts with 100,000 followers and 17 likes in a publication?

It happens because they paid for a number of false followers or bots, which do not really interact with the brand. When you see their sales rates and actual contacts, you are disappointed.

Gone is the belief that you have to have millions of followers and likes for your brand to be successful. If those numbers do not translate into sales or leads, they are useless, they are just hearts and emojis in a post. And I have news for you: they are not money.

Sales success comes from well-planned strategies, good content, and well targeted ads. In Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing, “more” is not “better” and we prefer quality over quantity.

6. It is not cheap

This point obviously depends on your scope and the objectives you want to set for yourself. But it is important to know that achieving success in the digital world is not cheap because there is a lot of competition and you must be constant.

Think that it is a safe investment so that your business manages to position itself on the web as the best choice for your clients. A good digital strategy is not just about designing beautiful posts and uploading them to a profile.

It’s about studying your potential customers to give them really useful content, designing strategies that adapt to their needs and yours, measuring results to apply changes and achieving more sales, leads and contacts. 

Never Stop Learning


In addition to this, one of the best tips I can give you is not to stop researching and learning. Remember that new trends emerge every day.

Being up to date and being able to offer your customers something really attractive can make a difference. To achieve this, you can search for books, podcasts, events or channels on Digital Marketing.

You can start reading on this topic with 75 moral marketing stories by Giles Lury and The art of the Start 2.0 by Guy Kawasaki .

Our Podcast on Digital Transformation in Latin America that I carry with Juan Andrés Ochoa or En.Digital can help you better understand the concepts of Digital Marketing and the trends that are setting the standard in this industry.

And if yours is visual, be sure to subscribe to Neil Patel’s YouTube channel , one of the greatest experts in Digital Marketing, to apply effective web positioning techniques.

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How to Generate Influence on the Internet

One of the aspects that we have seen with the most amazement today is how some brands grow at a dizzying pace thanks to the way they manage their virtual channels and how they treat users. 

Becoming a brand that really influences the lives and decisions of customers is one of today’s great goals. We see thousands of brands that use “influencers” precisely because it allows them to reach their customers in a more humane and spontaneous way, through people they constantly admire or follow.

For me, the influence is having the ability to make other people do what you want.

An influential brand is one that makes customers buy your product, fall in love with it, recommend it and feel part of that family. It happens to us with many brands of our daily life that we consider part of the family, we could not even conceive of changing products, and it is because they have convinced us (with quality and good content) that they have the solution to our problems.

Universal Principles of Influence

There are 6 universal principles of influence according to Professor Robert Cialdini of Arizona State University:

  1. Reciprocity: by delivering content and valuable elements, our consumers give us authority in return and it is very possible that they will become our clients. It is important to work more on the value of what is delivered and less on what can be obtained in return, that will come organically.
  2. Shortage : Generally, humans rush to purchase products that are scarce. We must give that quality to our products: exclusivity and personalization. This has been one of the keys to the success of the greats of electronic commerce. Personalization and top quality care.
  3. Social proof: you tend to consume what other people have already tried. Therefore, having visible the success stories and the clients with whom you have worked generates confidence in potential new clients. Likewise, including reviews and opinions on your website and your profiles is crucial.
  4. Sympathy: things that look alike attract. When you gain empathy from the general public, you attract more. This is the presentation, the job well done, a good greeting, a good presence, a quality podcast, a writing well done. Take care of the details and know very well what your customers like.
  5. Authority: One way to influence people is to have someone give you authority. The best clients come by referrals. It does not necessarily have to be a “famous” person, a happy customer will be the best recommendation.
  6. Coherence and commitment: People often cooperate and allow themselves to be influenced by people or brands with which they have previously committed themselves and those who have kept their word, delivering quality and good service.

Does Your Brand Cover These Bases? Are you working to have great short-term sales rates or to become an influential and enduring brand? Applying these principles in the digital world is not difficult.

Remember that most people go online before making a purchase decision and that is where your creativity and good business strategy comes in.

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The most important thing that you should not forget is that turning your brand into an influential product takes time, patience and knowledge. But it is an investment that will be worth it when you see the love and respect they have in the industry for your product.

Positioning a brand in the virtual world can be accomplished and as long as it is done creatively and respectfully, all the ways are valid. The important thing is not to stop learning and achieve constant and potential results that give your brand the sales it deserves.

Know Your Potential Clients

Another very important aspect to achieve success in Digital Marketing is to know your potential clients.

Studying your Buyer Persona is one of the most crucial tasks of the strategic process. Why? Because trying to sell a product without knowing the needs of the people it is aimed at is very difficult.

To have a successful strategy it is necessary that you are able to put yourself in the shoes of your clients, “enter” their minds and be able to predict their needs and problems. In this way you will be able to come up with possible solutions and generate really useful and valuable content. You can do this through focus groups, street surveys or online.

The goal is to know who can buy from you, what they are looking for, what problems they face and how you can help them. The more you know, the better, that’s why when building a Buyer Persona an imaginary name, routine, hobbies, family, daily challenges are included. 

Remember that in Digital Marketing, content is king and that content must be done consciously and strategically. They’re not random social media posts or pretty designs with phrases. Everything has its reason for being and its objective. Good content will be the one that gives value and solutions to potential customers and makes them fall in love with the brand to buy.


Having successful Digital Marketing strategies requires paying special attention to detail, taking care of the wording, use of color, tone of messages . And knowing how to manage these aspects requires study, research and updating.

In my professional career, I realized that it was essential to seek the support of experts, people who knew graphic design, writing, technology, to learn together and achieve great results for our clients.

The idea is not that you are afraid of Digital Marketing, but that you know and have clarity on what to expect.

It is a wonderful world, where you learn a lot and achieve incredible results if you invest money, time and knowledge. The data that I share here I have learned in my career and you will do the same.

And you don’t have to do it alone. Having a team of experts in content, SEO, web design, digital guidelines, metrics and copywriting is crucial for the success of your brand through Digital Marketing.

I’m not saying that obstacles will not appear, but with the right equipment it will be easier to face and overcome them. 

Seeing how brands have achieved their goals and exceeded them, they position themselves better and better on Google, they manage to have more real and satisfied customers, it is one of the great joys that Digital Marketing has given me with my BTODigital agency .

It has been years of learning and carrying out strategies, tests and learning … and we continue learning.

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