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SEO And SMO Tools

When we use SEO and SMO for our website then we should be aware about their tools through which we can better understand the techniques and get deep analyze about website. We have shared some important tools for website.

SEO Tools

Google Analytics Tool- This tool helps in web stats and search insights. Through this you can analyze your website traffic, users, conversion and its behavior flow.

Google Webmaster Tools & Bing Webmaster Tools- This tool is completely free tool from Google through which we can constant get website analysis, alerts, and error reports. Basically this tool give you an idea about what search engine think and react to your site it also include see any bugs, alerts, and indexing issues.

Keywordtool.io– Through this you can get 700+ keyword ideas based on a single keyword. Provide a huge handful of long-tail keyword opportunities which are organized alphabetically.

Google Keyword Planner- This is also a keyword search tool from Google. You just need to enter a keyword or group of keywords into the tool, and Google will return search value, competition, Monty search volume.

Quick Sprout Website Analyzer- This tool give you full analysis of your website. It include SEO health, speed, competitor’s comparison, social and many more.

XML Sitemaps- You can create a sitemap. You just need to put your website URL and some parameters. After creation you need to upload into your website and verify from Google Webmaster Tool.

SEO Site Checkup – This is completely SEO health checkup for your sit also audit and score for your website.

SMO Tools

How Sociable – This is a useful tool but paid tools; basically it is for easybenchmark the social presence of a specificr keyword or brand name. HowSocialble is easy to use and the price is right.

Social Media for Firefox – Basically it is the browser add-on tool for getting upcoming news from bookmarking site and social networking sites.

SEM Rush – This tool is for identify your organic and PPC keyword visibility. You can find out keyword’s visibility for any domain name you might be curious about.

Majestic SEO- This SMO tools is powerful linkanalysis tools and gives you link acquisition counts over time.If you are using their paid version then you can get to know about the juicy link details on your competition. It also help to find out from where you and your competitor are getting links.

Bit.ly – This is basically URL shortened tool and is very handy since they’re included as a default service on Twitter and many other Twitter applications.

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