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How You Can Leverage Content to Generate Leads

How You Can Leverage Content to Generate Leads

Many network marketers and online business owners make the mistake of jumping into social media without understanding the nuances of this powerful platform. Social media is not something to be ignored, but it is not something to be treated like a magic button. In fact, it takes work and smart strategy in order to be successful on this platform. This is why most people fail in their attempts to use this platform to market products or services. This is the secret to learning the art of leveraging content for social media marketing.

One of the biggest mistakes that most marketers who use social platforms make is that they publish content for promotion solely as a means of gaining more followers. When a user searches for a specific term or phrase on a search engine, the results show a list of websites that have content related to the keyword or phrase. If you are among these marketers, your goal should be to see your website listed among the top 10 results. The purpose of this tactic is to position yourself as an authority on the topic that you are marketing. If people feel that they can trust you, they will be much more likely to follow your links and buy from you.

Another common mistake is for marketers to post their links all over the internet. The problem with this approach is that search engines are constantly working to remove spam and other types of spam from their results. A great way to leverage your content for marketing is to submit your content to directories where it will be available to others.

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You can leverage content for marketing in two different ways. First off, you can submit all of your articles and press releases to article directories, including those that specialize in marketing. These sites provide an invaluable resource to promoting your products and services. They also perform a link exchange process with other websites. This allows you to place a link back to one of your pages on these sites and gain some social media points in the process.

The second way that you can use content to market is through social media outlets. There are several social media sites that allow you to share your content and gain some social media points as well. The key to success in this process is to make sure that your content is useful and interesting to your followers. If they feel like you’re just trying to sell them something, they will quickly lose interest in what you have to say. Provide them with content that they would like to read and then allow them to provide a link back to your page.

The biggest drawback to sharing your content with social media sites is the ability for others to take credit for what you publish. Social media sites are excellent for letting the public know about your product or service but they are not the place for selling. Remember that the goal of marketing is to find buyers and not to simply share your content. Other people will use this information for their own marketing efforts. Make sure that you keep all sales oriented functions of your business away from these social media sites.

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Another great way that you can leverage content to generate leads is through article marketing. There are many great article directories online such as EzineArticles and GoArticles that allow you to submit new and unique articles on a variety of topics. These articles may be published free of charge, but they will also provide links back to your website and blog which will help you to gain more traffic and potentially customers.

Leveraging content – both free and paid – is a great way for you to advertise your products or services. Content is what drives the Internet and it’s what will keep you in business. As you continue to learn more about content based marketing, you will find that the opportunities are endless. Learn more about the techniques that you can apply today to see how you can leverage content – and get ahead!

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