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Digital Marketing

Meaning of Digital Advertising

What is Digital Advertising:

Digital advertising is a tool for the promotion and dissemination of goods and services through the internet .

Digital advertising is part of digital marketing strategies, being this area the one that covers a large part of the total strategies made for virtual media.

In this sense, digital advertising has become the preferred way of promoting and disseminating a product or service thanks to the increasing incorporation of digital in our lives.

Characteristics of digital advertising

Digital advertising is characterized by promoting and disseminating a product or service on digital platforms and with digital media . Platforms include those found via the internet, mobile applications and digital television programs.

Furthermore, digital advertising brings together the vast majority of marketing efforts at the digital level.

Types of digital advertising

The type of digital advertising will always depend on the project’s marketing strategy. Each type of digital advertising is more effective in specific segments and the correct use of them can make a better impact.

Digital advertising uses different types of formats and strategies in the virtual medium. The most common guideline formats are:

Banners : traditional format of virtual poster in spaces purchased on certain web pages.

Search Engine Ads: Paid ads to rank high on the search engine results page.

Native advertising : new tool created especially for social networks. Less intrusive, highly segmented and labeled “sponsored by.”

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Advertising on social networks : it uses traditional techniques but its exposure is highly segmented by age, region, interests, among others.

Email marketing : uses email and the information it may contain to promote the product or service.

Digital Marketing and Advertising

Digital marketing coordinates digital advertising, communication and public relations efforts. As digital media, internet platforms, mobile applications and digital television are considered.

Thanks to the already acquired knowledge of marketing , digital advertising becomes an important part of the marketing strategies that migrated to the digital field.

Digital and traditional advertising

The advertising , even in its traditional format, was introduced by Internet in 1994. The formats used resembled traditional advertising posters, for example, large banners advertising a product.

Digital advertising still uses banner , but the design is integrated with the design of the platform used and the segmentation. In this sense, digital advertising generates a range of different designs for the same product or service, in contrast to traditional advertising that would only have one.

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