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Restaurant Social Media Marketing Tips

Restaurant Social Media Marketing Tips That Can Bring Happy Customers to Your Door

Social media is one of the newest forms of advertising that is creating an explosion of restaurant sales. The key to successful social media marketing is your audience. It is exceeding them in both visual and written content, both spoken and unspoken. At the core of your social media marketing strategy is the audience you are aiming at. Next, it is the strategies, the method you put in place and how you execute them.

Social media marketing venues

There are different social channels you can use to expand your reach. These include Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can also use social apps like Instantly Add Friend and Add Interest to create a community for restaurant reviews. While some prefer standalone apps such as Google Places, Delicious or Yubo, there are many restaurants who are leveraging multiple social platforms. For instance, a popular sushi restaurant in Los Angeles uses all three social media marketing venues: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

One of the best restaurant social media marketing tips is to use the power of Facebook ads. Facebook ads can not only bring you more fans and followers, but can also increase your visibility in your local market. If you have an active account, make sure to look at the reviews and posts on your fan page. This way you can catch those customers in the act before they leave. Another tip is to place Facebook ads on your mobile website.

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Social media pages

To take your restaurant online, start posting on your restaurant’s Facebook page and other social media outlets. Write about your food, features of your restaurant or even provide a behind the scenes tour. Review your service on other social sites and online reviews sites such as Yelp and Faves like it so you get positive reviews and more likes.

Social media marketing tips

Twitter, another one of the best restaurant social media marketing tips, is where restaurant owners go to interact with customers and peers. But this can be more effective if you join groups on various social media outlets to interact. Learn when and where customers are most active on social media so you can fill their need and keep them posted on news and events in your industry. You can also follow the latest trends or ask your customers for feedback to gauge your restaurant’s popularity online.

Through YouTube

In addition, another powerful restaurant social media marketing tip is through YouTube. The video website has become an important source of information and entertainment for millions of people. Find time in your day to upload a short video related to your restaurant, its ambiance and food. You can also create a video blog if you have the resources to do so.

Through Instagram

Finally, one effective restaurant social media marketing tip is through Instagram. An Instagram account can serve as your own mini social media outlet. You can post pictures of your dishes, giveaways or special events happening at your restaurant on Instagram every chance you get. This is one venue where customers can post their feedback and comments and help you improve your service.

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When planning out your restaurant social media marketing plan, always remember to engage your diners. Give them interesting content that will keep them coming back to see what’s new and what they can do to help you improve your service. If you can combine customer service with social media, you’ve got a winning combination. In fact, many diners are more likely to give you high ratings and recommend your restaurant to others if they feel you are helpful to them. Of course, you can’t forget the customers either. They’re the ones who’ll ultimately support your efforts.

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