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SEO strategies that can make your web positioning worse

The world of Online Marketing has evolved a lot in a few years. Currently, Digital Marketing Agencies have various techniques and tools to optimize their sites and obtain a good Web Positioning .

The popularity of Social Networks , Content Marketing strategies and SEM allow a business to have multiple means to transmit its message and sell its services.

However, as the Google algorithm improves and the practice of Digital Marketing increases, many illegitimate SEO strategies appear. The problem is that not all of these strategies benefit your site. In fact, some can worsen your Web Positioning or even get you a penalty.

There is so much information available on the Internet that an Online Marketing Agency may find it difficult to search for successful SEO strategies . Google is improving its algorithm all the time and the illegitimate tricks to get better Rankings are increasingly useless. Today, Hummingbird is smart enough to understand which sites are useful to the reader and which are just trying to trick the search engine. As a basic rule, a site with updated and quality content will always have a good Web Positioning even if they do not use thousands of keywords per text.

At the end of the day, Content Marketing always wins. It is for this same reason that we are going to share some of the most common and dangerous techniques in SEO practice :

Poor quality content

As we mentioned previously, Content Marketing is the most important thing that can be on your site. However, not just any content works. Many websites do not produce related texts. If Google analyzes the site of a Digital Marketing Agency and finds texts about sports, it will think that confusion can be generated and, consequently, your positioning will worsen. If your site is based on a certain topic, write as much as you can about it and never repeat yourself. GoogleYou prefer sites that really specialize in some subject. It also does not work if your content is full of links and useless information. The search engine benefits those who write for the reader. If your texts only want to deceive the algorithm or are not consistent, you will suffer penalties.

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This is one of the worst ideas you can have. There are businesses that chose to pay for spam services that mention their site throughout the Internet. Not only is it not a good idea to relate your site to others with whom they have nothing in common, but Google also penalizes spam. The search engine understands when a link does not make sense. If the algorithm finds out that you use these types of tactics, your site could be permanently indexed by Google.

Pay for Links

There are many services that sell hundreds of links for low costs. Some think it would be ridiculous not to spend a small budget on a tactic that could potentially improve your Web Positioning . This does not mean that links from an important and authoritative site do not benefit you, but if these links come from irrelevant pages to your content, your ranking may worsen.

We reiterate: There are consequences for using illegitimate tactics. A deceptive service can worsen your rankings. It is not an “I improve or I stay in the same place” situation. If your Digital Marketing strategy tries to take advantage of the algorithm, you will lose the Web Positioning that you worked so hard for.

In the past, a website’s SEO strategies could have been entirely based on deceptive keyword techniques. This is not the case. If you want to succeed in the world of Online Marketing , you are going to need to be honest and think about your users.

We hope that our note has served you and do not hesitate to tell us about any suggestion or query you have

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