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Set Up Target Ads in Facebook

How to Set Up Target Ads in Facebook For Effective Results

How to set up target ads in Facebook and Instagram are almost the same. You need to have an account in both places and the first thing you need to do is sign up for an account in each one separately. Once you have an account established in each, the next step is to go to the Account Settings section of each one. While there you can select the types of ads you want to display and where you want them to appear. If you already have ads in Facebook or if you want to display ads in Facebook in a unique way then you can also customize them while in the account settings.

Ads in Facebook

Facebook has a great functionality called “Ad Sponsors”. On your sidebar there is a space where you can put a little advertisement of your company/website/service/product and these ads show up at prominent positions. Depending on the audience you want to target, you can change the position and colour of the ad so that it is more noticeable and catches the visitor’s attention. For effective targeting of your target audience, you should use the same format in your ads in both the Facebook and the Instagram. Therefore, if you want to target ads in Facebook and Instagram likeability is very important because they are two very different platforms.

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Process to set Ads

If you are still learning how to set up target ads in Facebook and Instagram, then here is a quick tip for that. In Facebook, click on the bottom right corner of the top left panel and click “Add” and then scroll down to the bottom right corner. Now click on “ongs” and select the link style that says” Sponsored Links”. If you have already got a code in place for the code to work then all you need to do is copy and paste the code that you have written into the appropriate box on the page of the Facebook ad. The process in Facebook is quite simple and straightforward.

Effective results

However, for effective targeting in Facebook, the placement of your ads is crucial. So, how to set up target ads in Facebook for effective results? There are certain spots on your ads where you can put the relevant information. You can use the side bar, the top right corner or anywhere in between. Remember not to place the ad too close to the edge or else people will be forced to scroll down or go away from the ad. Remember that Facebook viewers are more interested in what they see rather than what is said.

Relevant content and keyword

The second step is to write relevant content and keyword rich descriptions for your ads. There are certain algorithms that help Facebook decide on the relevance of your ads based on the keywords used in the ad. So you need to understand these algorithms and what exactly are relevant to the target audience. For this you need to know what kind of people you are trying to target. You can search using any of the keyword search engines to find out.

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Targeted traffic

Once you understand these, it’s the time to start writing relevant content for your target. You need to be as honest as possible as there is nothing worse than a spammer. However, don’t write your article just a few sentences or two about yourself and link back to your landing page. In general, it’s not necessary to disclose your identity. It’s all about getting targeted traffic to your site.

Test the ads

The last step is to test the ads. You need to track the performance of your ads and see which are performing better than the rest. When you are able to improve your ads performance by 30% or more, then you can safely proceed to place more relevant ads on your Facebook site.

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