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The Video Marketing bases its strategy on creating audiovisual content to increase interaction and engagement with the user, either in social networks, campaigns or YouTube channel for your company or brand. This type of content is widely used in initial phases of contact with buyer persona, to publicize our brand, product or service and generate a stronger emotional connection with the user than with other types of content.

We have made the leap from video associated only with television or cinema, to understand it as a successful multiplatform format. On average, we consume almost 7 hours of online video a week, and it is about to exceed television consumption.

60% of brands use video content on their social networks to spread their brand messages and values. It is no longer about deciding whether or not to do video marketing, but when to start and how to design a valuable audiovisual content strategy that will give results.

Why you may be interested in Video Marketing?

Video is the king content of the two most important content platforms on the internet: Facebook and YouTube . The latter already exceeds 2,000 million active users every month, which also makes it the second most popular search engine and the second most visited website after Google. Being on YouTube is almost as important as having a website: 20% of its users use it to decide whether to buy a product or not, and 51% use it to learn and train.

Special attention should also be paid to Social Video : a type of video created specifically to be broadcast on social networks, both organically and paid. Creating quality video content takes time and effort, apart from the need to design a good broadcast strategy.
But behind there are figures that help us understand why it is necessary to bet on audiovisual content, since video marketing has a positive impact on sales and ROI

  • Video posts get 3x more response and sharing than those that don’t.
  • 1 in 4 buyers say they have used YouTube to watch videos about a product they wanted to buy.
  • The 73% of users who see a video tend to acquire any associated products.
  • Furthermore, audiovisual content is one of the key trends in the present and future. It is expected that 80% of the traffic will correspond to consumption of video content .
  • Mobile devices. They have a predominant role in this story, because now 50% of audiovisual content is consumed through mobiles. 

How we can help you in Cyberclick

As experts in online marketing, we know that it is very important to introduce audiovisual content into your global strategy, because it is what users demand and one of the formats that help generate more engagement and brand awareness.

We can help you create videos that improve your digital presence and results.

We take care of:

  • Design the audiovisual strategy. We take into account your objectives, the buyer person, the budget, the channels that we have and those that we want to use in paid media campaigns, thus designing a global dissemination strategy designed to obtain results and improve your ROI.
  • Management, planning and strategy of a YouTube channel . Thanks to our experience with Cyberclick’s YouTube channel – in which in one year we gained 31,000 new subscribers and which totals almost 1.5 million views – we have mastered SEO and optimization of videos on YouTube, content planning for your community and the keys to convert visitors and viewers to leads and customers using the advanced tools of the video platform.
  • Creation of video content. It all starts with creating quality and professional content. Design of the message, copies, storytelling, recording, editing and dissemination of content.
  • Different possible formats. Teasers, product video, promotions, video blog, Social Video Ads, etc.
  • Increased web traffic. The campaigns will be focused on achieving results and attracting users to your website to meet the objectives set.
  • Engagement. See how user interaction with your content increases and your campaign costs improve.
  • Work for goals. In our team we always look for results and optimize the client’s budget. For this we are constantly analyzing metrics, to improve campaigns in real time, looking for a result: increased web traffic, conversions, purchases, registrations, lead generation, etc.
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