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A friend of mine has started a blog. With it he only seeks to put his thoughts in order about various ideas, especially business. We hadn’t spoken for more than 5 minutes when his initial idea of ​​doing it for him was too small. Yes, he wanted it to better structure his head, but if it got traffic and generated discussion with his readers it would be even better. Not so much for the traffic, of course, just for the discussion.

But think – I commented – that not everyone who passes by your site will be dedicated to leaving comments. Yeah , “he answered,” I still want traffic .

A blog has many internal benefits, but we always like to know that what we do is seen by someone. A company blog may offer fewer internal benefits, but it also seeks an audience. In the end, all blogs seek visibility, if not, you would write a journal. The problem is that when many people want the same thing, getting it becomes difficult.

When I started my blog, I did it with the idea of ​​touching on lifestyle, business and investment topics. After the months, the traffic and the conversation with the readers arrived little by little. These exchanges with readers are very useful to know what perception those who read you have of you . One of them highlighted that my blog was like the Vivir al Máximo blog .

This could be taken as a good thing, as that is a great blog. However, it is not good.

Create a category

Our brain is careful about the information it stores. Each new piece of information takes up space and uses energy, he is in charge of making our lives easier by simplifying. What does this mean? Well, in short, when people think of a lifestyle and business blog, they will not think of mine, but of the other one with which they compare me because it takes longer and is the first in the category .

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Who was the second man to step on the moon? Well that. Nobody remembers the second.

This does not mean that you cannot find a place for your blog in a sector in which the topic that interests you is caught. You can make yourself hollow, but you have to have a strategy .

You should not try to emulate the one who now dominates the category. You have to position yourself at the opposite extreme in the way of approaching the subject. For example, let’s say you want to do a digital marketing blog. You take a look at the competition and sadly discover that there are blogs that dominate every topic that digital marketing encompasses. This is not bad, having a leader is good as it can help you define the tone of your blog.

How should your blog be to gain audience in that crowded market? It should be the exact opposite of what the leader does. If the leader writes about theories and techniques that can improve your marketing, you can write about marketing examples and derive theories from them. Offer the reverse case. If the leader doesn’t use video, you should use video. If you use infographics, you should use guides. If he’s kind and careful with words, you can be aggressive and cutting.

By doing this you will create your own category and you will not be the second.

How to choose the personality of your blog?

Another thing our brain does is make us think that our work has more value than what the rest does. Interestingly, 92% of people also believe that it is more objective than most.

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With this in mind, you must be aware that what you write may not be better than what others write. And not only that, but many times, the quality does not matter so much as the perception of what you do .

If you want to make a hole in a market, almost in any market because practically everything is full, you have to know that you cannot try to be the best. It is good that you strive to improve, but not that this is your goal . Your goal is that the audience you are looking for perceives you as a person or company with an original voice and focused on offering a type of content that cannot be found elsewhere. Some topics you touch may be similar, but the way you present and tell it is different.

The world is huge. When Pepsi went for Coca-Cola, it had the whole market. How to stand up to it? They did not do well trying to be an alternative to Coca-Cola. They were successful when they decided to be the cola for young people and changed their message to reach this sector. What is not so obvious is that his audience became not only the young, but also other older people who looked young. So Pepsi did hurt Coca-Cola.

From the outside it may seem that a strategy focused on keeping a small piece of the pie is a poor thing. It’s not like that. Offer something different that appeals to a few and you will find that those few will attract the attention of many .

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