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What is Google Rich Results and How It Helps to Article Structured Data Markup

What is Google Rich Results and How It Helps to Article Structured Data Markup

Google Rich Results is a method of ranking a web page in the Google Search Engine for specific keywords or key phrases. For example, if you entered “motor parts” in the search box of Google, this will bring up the best websites where you can buy the required motor parts for your vehicle. If you are looking for some particular brand and model of a vehicle, this Rich results will bring the most reliable website listings that have been carefully crafted to meet your needs. If you are planning to launch a website or blog on the internet, then getting rich result from the search engine is definitely a good option.

One of the best things about Google Rich results is that it helps you in bringing relevant traffic to your site while building backlinks to your website. This process is very simple. To start with, when users enter a search term or keyword in the search box of Google, your site will be one of the top results listed. Once you have been listed in the first few pages, you can choose to enhance your site by making it more search engine friendly by including more keywords and key phrases that will make it more interesting and useful to the user.

One of the main advantages of using Google Rich results in drawing relevant traffic to your site is that the users can make their purchase from the site itself. This will not only improve your online image but also will help in improving the sales prospects for your products and services. You need to include Meta tags in the content of your website so that you get proper rankings. But if you want to go beyond these basics, then you can hire professional services from SEO services companies for better page ranking and rich results.

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Another advantage of using rich results is that it helps in increasing the number of visitors to your site. You get a better chance of getting more targeted traffic which can help in increasing conversion rates. As a result, you do not only get more visitors to your site, you also stand a better chance of converting them into probable customers.

Using rich results also increases the amount of link building links that point to your site. In simple words, rich results provide great opportunity to build stronger relationship with other popular sites. Some of the famous clients of Google Rich result are Zabasco, Info USA, GoArticles, etc. and getting linked with these sites will give you more chances of getting more visitors as well as help you in getting more customers.

What is Google rich results and how it helps to Article Structured Data Markup? There are two types of Google Rich results. First one is called the text rich results. Text rich Google results act the same way as text rich article results, but text rich Google results page looks more natural and it is easier to understand and read. The second type of Google rich results is the images rich results.

What is Google rich results and how it helps to Article Structured Data Markup? The main advantage of using rich Google results pages is that they provide more scope for web developers. Web developers can use rich Google rich result pages for creating professional looking websites without having to know any HTML or CSS basics. Moreover, they can also write relevant and informative content for the website and can submit the same to rich Google rich results. This is done in a very short time and web developers can focus more on writing good content rather than learning HTML and CSS basics.

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It is obvious from above that you must know and understand what is Google rich results and how it helps to Article Structured Data Markup. In the next post in this series, I will discuss how you can use rich Google results to generate targeted traffic to your site. Stay tuned!

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