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Today it is no longer a secret that businesses have moved to the online world . They are all now in the digital world. This means a new place to get clients!

More and more, local businesses and stores are embarking on the adventure of being present on various platforms and social networks , offering products and services, as well as informing or generating communities. But this is not exclusive to large companies. Thus arises a question of vital importance: keep your customers happy with the content you offer through these means.

In this article you will discover, among other things, how to achieve customer satisfaction, keeping them interested in what you have to say, and making them interact through your publications. In addition, you will learn why it is important and how to achieve satisfied customers with your digital content . And best of all, you can immediately apply it to your social media strategy plan with just 5 simple ideas:

  • Social networks are for your opinion
  • Proactivity is important
  • Frequency is just as important
  • Offers ideas to do
  • Entertaining customers are happy customers

1. Social networks are for your opinion

Whenever you are looking for content that attracts your customers or followers, keep in mind a basic concept of social networks: people seek to express their opinion on them. Therefore, you should focus on creating content so that your followers interact, promoting conversations and that your followers have the possibility to comment on their opinion in the publications.

According to Avi Levine, executive director of the Digital Professional Institute , the opinion of users on social networks can be very useful as feedback that will allow to answer questions and solve problems, which is more important.

” You can improve the relationship with your customers by reviewing the activity of your page on Facebook or Twitter, answering questions and answering as they arise .” The specialist suggests that feedback can be collected “ as simple as posting a question or tweeting it. You no longer need to go through the process of creating a survey. It’s simple and fast, and your customers will be able to tweet or comment on their experiences ”. Although it also alerts ” although if you decide this way, be prepared for negative comments, too .”

Another very good possibility may also be to channel this through. Facebook and / or Twitter asking your customers what they would like to know or what they would like to see on your page through options in a survey.

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You can ask them which is the best between two products that you offer and in this case the more subjective the question, the better it will be for the purpose of the post .

Questions such as ” Which is the best ?” or ” Which one do you like best ?” they work very well. And in addition, you will also achieve your clients share the publication to transfer the question to their contacts or followers and thus influence the question. This type of post is among the most effective when it comes to staying relevant and with useful content on your business page according to Marketingprofs.

Remember: if your customers see that their opinion matters, you will see results reflected in the engagement of your publications .

2. Proactivity is important to post

This may be obvious, but the more attentive you are to your virtual community, the better results your metrics will see. According to a report by Social Media Examiner, only 68% of marketers analyze their activities on their social channels and only 41% have the ability to measure such activities . What do we mean by this; You should pay attention to the doubts and concerns that will arise in the form of comments, private messages or posts on the wall of your page or timeline, and proactively so that your customers are happy !

When your clients see that their questions are important to you and you seek to solve all the situations that arise, they will be attracted to be part of your posts and will be motivated to participate by commenting and sharing your content .

And as a side effect they will share the solutions you offer them, attracting other happy potential clients to your fan page .

Being proactive in your social networks involves concepts of customer service and being there to help your customers by offering them solutions, as a report by nmincite indicates that “ about half of the users of social networks choose these means to ask questions related to the customer service ”.

Remember, it is very important to review all comments and respond to the ones you can in a respectful way and with solutions that really serve your customers.

3. The frequency of posting is just as important!

According to a new study from Wisemetrics , the lifespan of a Facebook post lasts a maximum of five hours . This means that ” 75% of the engagement occurs during those five hours .”

Therefore, you should pay attention to the frequency with which you post on your social networks, since you can go unnoticed if you do not offer something to your audience on a regular basis. Although it is also important to find a balance so as not to fall into the “ flooding ” of your clients’ timeline, something that can be very annoying.

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A good tactic for that balance can be to plan your posts . And for that, there is also a tool that allows you to organize your posts for the week, month or year. This will undoubtedly help you maintain frequency and use the time you save by posting elsewhere. There are even applications for mobile phones, such as Postcron .

Another good option is to organize a publication calendar that keeps your clients informed of your page and that this does not look like a desert with the rolling ball of grass included !

Maintaining a publication calendar allows you to optimize times, have an approximate and clear idea of ​​what you will post, in addition to increasing your productivity and many other reasons that you can continue reading in detail here .

One of the keys to achieving happy customers on your social networks is to keep them provided with quality content, so watch the frequencies. Having everything planned and scheduled in advance always helps a lot more ;).

4. Offer ideas to do with your product

Try to focus on creating content that suggests ideas , that is, useful content . You can offer recipes or instructions to your followers so that they can make them with the product or service you offer. Try to give them information that you know will interest them. This may be obvious, but it is not so obvious. They are there for your product .

Another key to keeping customers happy is to tell them exactly what they were looking for, that is, to add additional value to what they are already convinced.

This will allow you to get clients who can fix a problem, get a better way of doing things, or save time and money. And to this you must add one of the 3 tips from Social Media expert Rick Mulready : ” create content that people would like to talk about . ” Do a little research on what your customers are interested in learning about your product.

Here you will see your ability to provide differential value through your content to your fan base and thus increase your interactions. If your customers are satisfied and find something useful in your post, they will share it or tag someone who can also serve them .

Always offer useful and unique content. Do not forget.

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5. Entertaining customers are happy customers

Another option that you can use to your advantage to keep your customers happy is to keep them entertained with your digital content by taking advantage of trends and current issues that arise.

Make a post related, for example, to the Olympic games, if that is the current topic. This will make your followers feel that you are also part of what is happening in the world, personalizing your image on social media. “ We use Facebook and Instagram to show that we are more than a voice on the phone, ” says Megan Bubley of SpotHero .

And he is right in suggesting that a good social media strategy should contemplate a part to show a more personal and human part that shows that behind a name or a brand there are people who love what they do .

And to achieve this there are several ways to do it. You can add valuable information to the current topic or you can use it to carry out some activity. Offer a giveaway, game, question or even a promotion, which you can do through the many solutions that SocialTools offers.

Any of those options will help your audience’s feedback and keep them interested in what you have to say on your networks.

The digital world is full of news and trends . Be part of them and show a more human face of your brand on social networks.

Extra tips

  • It is important to add that whatever option you choose to improve your content strategy on social networks , include a ” call to action ” whenever possible and the publication allows it. Actions like ” Comment “, ” Share ” or ” Click on the link ” help your customers go beyond the content.
  • In recent times, video content on social networks (especially on Facebook and Twitter ) has grown considerably . This is because according to Social Bakers studies, video content has seen an increase in engagement compared to other types of publications. Especially for brands, it has become a very important tool to communicate or contribute to their audiences. Whether they are external videos through links to YouTube or native videos uploaded to Facebook, this strategy has its benefits translated into ” Like “, ” Comments ” and ” Shared “.
  • The more data you have on your audience, the better . As long as you can know better who your followers are, you can adapt your content in a better way . Ask yourself: Are they women? How old are them? What do you like? You will see satisfied customers if you match what they are looking for.

Very well. With these tips you can start offering content that translates to happy and satisfied customers . Remember that this takes time, dedication and a little love. And, although it is possible, the results will not happen overnight. But if you put your best effort into a month’s time, you will see significant changes

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