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Do you want to learn how to develop a Social Media Plan that suits the communication strategy of your business? With this article Doppler will fill you with tips to manage your brand by following some necessary steps to be on top of the wave of Social Media.

Using Social Networks involves much more than posting news on your official Facebook page or Twitter profile. As communication channels that promote continuous conversation, Social Media implies listening, interacting, creating brand awareness, building loyalty and finally promoting consumption.

Developing social actions implies not using networks as a unique strategy but as tools within the comprehensive Online Marketing Plan, attaching them to a general business guideline. Follow these tips and adapt your social profiles to the vision of your project!

1. Do not measure the success of your communication by the number of networks:

Being on all networks is not a valid parameter to measure the success of your communication! Even if you have little time to manage all the channels, find a social niche in which your brand stands out.

Social networks are a kind of “technological word of mouth” and a publication can have thousands of repercussions. If you wonder how to carry out as many interactions as possible, which channels you should be on and what content to use to feed each Social Network, the truth is that there is no automatic answer: focus on studying your target audience first.


2. Make an effort to know where you want to go:

Succeeding in social media does not only imply publishing in a new way on the networks but also being aware that the fundamental basis must be the interaction and loyalty of the audience. Keeping your networks updated means providing valuable content so that the rate of Followers or Fans does not drop.

Social Media is exclusive to generate recommendations and for each publication to increase online awareness of your brand, products or services. To achieve this, you must give your followers the opportunity to share content related to your company or enterprise and you will see how Social Media will help you influence the purchase decision of your users!

3. Show your profile with a style close to people:

Social Networks generate what other communication channels have not achieved! With a pleasant and human profile you will open a direct dialogue between the client and the company, building a closeness with the brand.

When you have a new product or service, take care of generating expectations in your followers causing intrigue regarding what will be new to come or to happen. Once the product has been launched and the fascination for you has been generated, spread it in the most creative way possible and keep your visibility current with continuous activities.

4. Investigate who interacts on the network:

Take note of what your opponent is doing and keep an eye on him! Check if there are similar businesses, how the competition is using their Social Networks and their Website, what services they offer, what is their community and what engagement they have. It will be the moment to reach an untapped market, discover who your potential clients are and provide them with what they need.

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5. Develop a content strategy:

Define on which pillars your publications will be based and always try to generate something new, promote innovative ideas. Stimulate inspiration in your community and offer quality in your articles, always thinking about what your social community will want to share or generate debate.

Considering your community will help you define what type of Social Network to participate in. By discovering where your audience is, you can use various amplifiers to viralize your content and thus give more importance to your brand.

6. Make social advertising:

If you are ambitious and you dare to challenge yourself, you can send Campaigns that escape the traditional banner and offer segmented promotions and discounts to your followers’ profiles, making them feel truly privileged.

7. Measure the results of your actions:

Don’t worry only about knowing how many users have reached your website or have liked your Facebook page. It also analyzes the results of each Campaign to correct what has not been successful.

More than measuring Social Networks, the important thing is to analyze their influence and evaluate them as tactics that intervene in a general business strategy.

With these 7 tips you find yourself able to plan your business strategy from integrity. Don’t despair for immediate results! Over time, you will grow your community and each activity in Social Media that you carry out will give you other satisfactory results.

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