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7StarHD 2020: Tamil Movies – Watch online

In life, emotions are the running force behind everyone’s personal storyline. What they feel, what they do, what situations they go through- everything is a reflection of their story. Indeed, it defines who they are and for many, the best soundtrack is what makes it better.

Of course, this scenario is not too hard for you to imagine, and in most cases, it’s very recognizable too. Everyone replays their lives in technicolor, and sometimes black and white, keeping with the emotions of that moment. To put it simply, there is a reason why people do that, and that reason is the movies.

From a young age, we relate to the movies we watch and assume our lives as one too. Whether you are happy or sad or plain angry, a part of your mind enjoys this similarity. Truly, this imagination adds a sense of excitement into your life and sometimes distracts you from the problems itself.

If you are in a bad mood or even just bored, you want to lose yourself into a good story. However, with the various different options available on the internet, you find it difficult to get reliable ones. Especially in the case of Indian movies, many sites don’t keep much regional content, which is disheartening.

Thankfully, there is a solution for this, and that is 7StarHD.


If you are looking for a website to download your favorite Indian movies, 7StarHD is the answer to your question. Indeed, it is one of the best available websites in the market today which cater to the movie-watching cravings of many. Not to mention, there are many different programs that you can get from this site, without any extra cost.

Although the site does not provide copyrighted movies, the quality and quantity of the available content sure attract many. In fact, most of the programs that you will find here are HD quality, and of an easy-to-handle size too. Furthermore, the design of the site is made keeping in mind the taste of the viewers and is very attractive.

Of course, it is important to mention that you can find various different types of movies at this site. While Indian and English movies are at the forefront of its feature, you can find many foreign films as well. These include other Asian industries as well, namely Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

Although, you would find many series’ in 7StarHD as well, from television and the internet. There are so many amazing options that are available here that you would surely enjoy a lot. Whether you want to watch these movies online or download it for offline, this website has it all for you.

Of course, you should remember that this website is first and foremost a pirated site. Thus, its main domain can get removed at any time which would hamper your movie-watching experience. However, in such a case, there are many proxy sites available, like,,,,,, etc.

7StarHD Website Features

As easy as it to say that a website is good, the one thing that is the best judge for it is its features. Indeed, these are what makes a service what it is, and 7StarHD has many useful ones. To put it simply, here are the main things that are the reason behind its success.

  • The website showcases many different types of content in its domain that you can choose from.
  • You do not need to pay any money to get these movies and shows, and you can access them freely.
  • The interface of this website is very easy to navigate and is well-designed.
  • Not to mention, the speed of this service is also very satisfactory, which adds to the overall experience.
  • There is an app version available too, which makes it easier for you to access your movies from your handset.
  • Advertisements do not appear in between videos, which is an extreme relief.

7StarHD Categories 

To make your movie watching period better, many sites provide a collection method for you to navigate. Surely, 7StarHD also provides different categories to make your experience easier and more relaxing. Not only does this classify the vast library effectively, but it also allows you to save time searching.

In fact, the categories in 7StarHD are mainly divided according to the languages, and you can choose which you prefer. Furthermore, there are some separate categories on the basis of the size of the files, for easier access. Here are some that are available at this site.

Punjabi Movies- Enjoy the spirit of Punjab at its best with movies like Sufna, and many more.

Kannada Movies- Enjoy these Kannada movies including Gimmick, Demo Piece, to name a few.

Hindi TV Shows- Immerse yourself into the drama and romance in shows such as Naagin, Mucky, etc.

Malayalam Movies- Malayalam movies are in a league of their own, in movies like Anjaam Pathiraa.

Hollywood Movies- Witness the class and style of Hollywood movies like The Roads Not Taken, and many more.

Hindi Dubbed- Dubbed movies have different magic, and you can see that in movies like Jung For Love, Casino Royale, etc.

Bollywood Movies- Lose yourself in the best of Bollywood with movies such as Malang, Manikarnika, Jai Gangajal, etc.

English TV Shows- Enjoy the best of pop culture, with shows like I Am Not Okay With This, Dare Me, The Protector, etc.

7StarHD Best Legal Alternatives

If you are looking for alternative variants to watch good movies, there are many legal options available. However, many of them require a paid subscription, but there are some free electives too. To know more, here are some choices that you can consider for your next binge-watch.

Tubi TV

In the matter of legal streaming services, Tubi TV is one of the main contenders. With a wide variety of options available for you to enjoy, it’s popularity is only obvious. Certainly, there are many things that you can enjoy here, from old movies to new ones.

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A great point in favor of it is the fact that it is free for registered viewers. It is available in many countries, and there are no restrictions that you have to worry about. Enjoy it inside the comfort of your home or when you travel somewhere, as it is compatible with many devices.


When it comes to binge-watching TV shows or films, one name that is synonymous with it is Netflix. Although the site is not free to use, this movie-streaming juggernaut is definitely a reliable alternative. Known worldwide for its great options, there is no doubt why it is so popular.

Just sit at home with a tub of popcorn and enjoy series and movies that you always wanted to. Indeed, passing the time feels more easy and enjoyable with this service, and with great quality too! Furthermore, the site also features many original contents, aside from foreign movies and series.

Indeed, there are lots of reasons why subscribing to this service is a great option for you. Also, the site gives you many subscription packages, from affordable to full family enjoyment options. Truly, this is one of the best choices that are available that you can check out.

Amazon Prime

In India, one of the best streaming platforms that are available currently is Amazon Prime. If you want a good and trustworthy method to enjoy the best of entertainment, give this a try. Without a doubt, you would not regret your decision.

With great features and a lot of movies to browse from, you would find many items to enjoy. Secondly, the site also provides you with recommendations based on your watching history. Thus, if you like a movie you watched and are wondering if you can find something as good, this factor helps.

Not to mention, there are some original shows on this website as well that you would enjoy. However, you need to have a subscription to use the features, but it is definitely worth its charge. It is available in cellular devices as well, which makes watching movies so much easier!


When you think of the best places to stream videos, one site that everyone agrees on is Youtube. While the site contains different types of video content, it has movies too. So, if you are looking for a good alternative to 7StarHD, this a suitable option.

From international blockbusters to Indian cinema, there are a lot of options available for you. Not only the choices available but also the quality of these movies are a great reason to enjoy it. Moreover, Youtube is one of the most trusted streaming websites worldwide, and these movies have copyrights.

Truly, it is quite easy to use as well, and free for the most part. However, the best movies in the selections require money, and you can choose between renting or buying them. Overall, it’s a great forum to enjoy your favorite movies, and spend a good time!


One of the best places where you can enjoy great movies easily and legally is PopcornFlix. The main things that you can see there are different types of TV favorites and films. Additionally, the site is free for everyone, which is the icing on the cake for you.

A major brownie point for this site is the fact that the user interface is easy to navigate. With carefully curated content and easy to use features, you would not have issues when you use this site. However, there are many countries where this platform is not available, but there are some options to access it. For example, a VPN is a good solution, if you are interested to try it.

Of course, you would notice that there are categories for you to choose from, which adds to the appeal. If you are in the mood for a particular genre, you have many exciting options to choose from. Not only that, but PopcornFlix also produces original shows for you to enjoy. Indeed, you would not get bored with the number of options you get, thanks to this platform!


Another great streaming service that you can use instead of 7StarHD is Hotstar. One of the most popular streaming forums in India, there is no doubt why it has so many loyal supporters. For regional content fans, this platform is the go-to choice, and you can search for different channels.

Another fact that is worth mentioning is that you can watch this without subscription as well. However, you won’t get as much content that you would get with a paid subscription. Of course, the prices for this feature are quite affordable and the results worth it.

Indeed, you can enjoy different regional movies, Hindi movies, Hollywood movies, sports channels and so much more. Additionally, with its partnership with major production companies like Disney, you can enjoy many of their creations here exclusively.


A major competitor in the market in regards to streaming giants is the platform called Voot. Of course, there are many reasons why this site is so popular with movie-goers, like its uncomplicated interface. Furthermore, there are many shows that you can browse and watch, in adjustable quality.

There are many categories present with many types of content available for viewing. Although there is a price to avail of this service, you need to put up with a lot of ads in the middle of your shows. However, it is not complicated to use, and you can choose to register for an account for extra features.

If you are a fan of Indian shows and TV programs, you would have a lot of fun with this service. In fact, a lot of regional programs are available here like Bengali, Kannada, Hindi, to name a few. Not to mention, if you have kids, it is your lucky day! After all, this application has a separate kids section as well, specially curated with classics that will hold their fancy.

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It is no secret that there are many options for you to choose from when it comes to streaming services. But if you are looking for something cost-effective and with great content, BigFlix is the one for you. Indeed, for those craving for a taste of their favorite multilingual movies, this is a great alternative.

However, good things come at a price, and that fact is applicable to this platform as well. The monthly or yearly packages, whichever you wish to choose, are affordable and very user-friendly. If you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-navigate method to watch good movies, you cannot go wrong with this.

Sony Liv

Certainly, Sony Liv is another good alternative to stream great movies and shows in the place of 7StarHD. With quality content at a really low price, it is highly popular with fans of Indian cinema and shows. In fact, there are many Hollywood marvels too that you can enjoy if you have the monthly subscription pack.

However, for the most part, this website is free to use and many shows are available for viewing. If you are craving good movies with reasonable picture quality, this is the one for you. Although, having a subscription enables you to enjoy some exciting perks as well, and you should definitely consider it.


Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited is one of the most prominent production giants in India, especially in the television industry. Currently, with the growing popularity of online viewing, they have entered the streaming market as well. Indeed, Zee5 is a highly popular streaming service currently available worldwide, with original and old content.

For the most part, you can use this application without paying for the service. However, you would notice a lot of ads midway, which might make your viewing experience less exciting. Additionally, many of the best content as this site falls under the subscription feature, which is markedly cost-effective. Indeed, if you are looking for a good platform to try out for a movie-viewing experience, Zee5 is acceptable.

Best Illegal Alternatives

When you are considering what other websites you can use to watch movies freely, there are many alternatives to 7StarHD. In fact, these sites provide pirated content for you to stream in great quality. Not only are they simple to use, but they also give you a lot to choose from.

However, these sites share a lot of issues of 7StarHD as they don’t provide licensed content. They have a huge showcase of content to choose from though, ranging from old classics to new releases. Here are some sites which you can use to find interesting movies, and have a pleasant time.


If you are looking for the best alternative to 7StarHD, you need to consider Tamilrockers for sure. The best part about this site is that it provides various highly-loved movies in different qualities. Therefore, whether you want 300 MB movies, 4k movies or even high definition ones, you can choose accordingly.

Not to mention, the content that you do receive at this place has a lot of options as well. In fact, you can watch many different language movies with the help of Tamilrockers. These include Hollywood, Bollywood, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Telegu, and Tamil films, to name a few. Certainly, using this website, you won’t have to worry about missing out on catching your favorite blockbusters at all!


When it comes to sites from where you can download the movies you want easily, Bolly4uMovies is an unmissable name. Really, it is one of the best options to download many Indian movies, without wasting a dime. Furthermore, the sizes of these movie files are not too huge, which makes it easier to download. There are many places where the network connections are low, and this site functions there efficiently.

As the name of the site suggests, you can get your Bollywood fix easily at this place. However, there are many more regional movies in languages such as Telegu, Tamil, Punjabi, etc., available here. No matter what your preference is though, this site has a lot of cinematic options you can choose from. Certainly, you would enjoy yourself a lot when you use this streaming site for your movie cravings.

DVD Play

If you are looking for good alternatives to 7StarHD, DVD Play is one of the best options available. No matter what you are in the mood for watching, the site has a lot of options for you. Furthermore, it allows you to stream movies that you want, without any cost whatsoever.

Indeed, there is a vast majority of different movies that you see in this place. Moreover, you can download the movies you want as well, which is another reason why people love it. Another reason why you can opt for this is simply how easy it is to use. The movies are put into easily displayed icons and further showcases their distinction by categories. Thus, you can choose what you want without any issues, and continue with your activities!


Admittedly, FilmyWap is one of the most interesting choices available when it comes to downloading movies. And there are many reasons why it is so popular with people, one of which is the different types of movies available. Without a doubt, people are attracted to sites that provide them with great selections in well-defined quality.

In FilmyWap, certainly, these features are available. Furthermore, you can also see the different information regarding the movies alongside their links, making it easier for you to choose. Truly, it is one of the best alternatives that you can look for to replace 7StarHD as your top priority.


Of course, in the topic of the best streaming alternatives that are available, Downloadhub is a notable mention. Indeed, the site contains many different types of videos for viewers’ pleasure, stretched over various languages. Furthermore, the types of videos present have a variation too, ranging from small web series‘ to huge movies.

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Of course, when talking about languages, it is important to mention that you can find many regional ones too. These include Marathi, Telegu, Punjabi, and Tamil, to name a few. Indeed, the qualities of these movies are also extremely attractive, which explains why the site is so popular.

Although the features are useful, it is important to note that this site supports piracy. Thus, you would have to endure a lot of ads in between, which is a commonality when it comes to such sites. However, it is still one of the best alternatives to 7StarHD, that you can depend upon.


Are you looking for a great place to download your favorite movies from, for absolutely no charge? If so, then 9xmovies is a good and extremely popular option that you can try. In fact, it is one of the best options out there when it comes to downloading blockbuster movies, and rightfully so.

There are many features that make it such a hit with movie fans, one of them being its simplicity. Indeed, the interface is made keeping in mind the comfort of the viewers, with carefully created categories. To put it simply, the content that you will find here are collected in their own genres, for easy access.

Of course, when it comes to the quantity of the content options, there is no limit there either. From the best Bollywood movies to jaw-dropping Hollywood masterpieces, there are many options for you to play with. Furthermore, you can also indulge in binge-watching popular series’ or even some adult alternatives. Without a doubt, you would enjoy a lot when you use this site in the place of 7StarHD.


Out of all the illegal movie streaming websites that are available today, 123movies is one of the best! With the huge collection of movies in its store, there is no doubt why that is so. Indeed, it contains movies ranging from regional to chart-topping English ones and is free to use.

Furthermore, you can download the movies that you like from this site as well, in high quality. This factor is enjoyed by many people and is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Not only that but also the movies that are available are of the highest quality.

Another feature that appeals to the masses regarding this website is how comfortable it is to use. Indeed, all of the movies available are segregated according to their genres and languages. This in turns allows movie-lovers to select the ones that they enjoy the most and continue watching them without any issues. Certainly, for the high-performance viewing experience, this site is your perfect friend.


Truly, Khatrimaza is one of the all-time best movie downloading sites for the Indian audience and more. With its huge abundance of great movies to choose from, there is no doubt as to why it is so. Granted, it provides a lot of its content illegally, but that does not deter its popularity.

After all, a lot of the content that is available is fit for the enjoyment of many people, registered or otherwise. Of course, registration brings with it a lot of perks for the person in question, so you can consider it. That includes more variety in content which, considering the amount available already, is a pretty deal.

You can browse between a variety of options amongst the movies that are available, based on the genre or language. In fact, a lot of regional content like Marathi, Bhojpuri, and Tamil, to name a few, are present here. Additionally, you can also download many original web shows of the popular streaming services at this site.


One of the main alternatives to 7StarHD that you can use in its place is the Mp4moviez. It provides you with the opportunity to download many different movies, using proxy servers. However, this site operates illegally, and you should take necessary precautions for personal safety.

Although, the site is not too dangerous or difficult to use and you can use it for free downloading. The movies in question are mainly Bollywood and some Hindi-dubbed Southern films that are popular. Overall, it is a good option for getting good movies, if you are looking for a change.


When you talk about the best sites to download movies from, Yts deserves top mention. Indeed, the quality of these movies is amazing, which adds to its allure. Thus, if you are looking for alternative options for 7StarHD, definitely give this a try.

With the many types of movies that are available here, you would definitely not get bored. In fact, you would find many classics, as well as newly released hits when you visit this website. Not to mention, the features of this website also make it extremely easy for you to download the ones that you like.

Truly, there is a search option given where you can type in the movie that you are looking for. Moreover, there are different categories available for you as well, with various possible preferences. These include factors like the genre, the quality you want, the order, and also their ratings.


7StarHD may have lots of good qualities, but is an unlicensed practitioner and produces illegal links for you to use. It is illegal according to the government of India and is a crime. Thus, you can face a lot of legal issues if you use this site and are caught by the authorities.

Not to mention, it is not safe to use such sites as they can contain serious malware. Consequently, your system is susceptible to damage and viruses, and your privacy can also get compromised. To avoid such situations, you should try to use legal video streaming services instead, and safeguard your digital life.


7StarHD a legal website?

7StarHD provides pirated versions of various national and international movies, and thus, it is an illegal site.

7StarHD easy to use?

The process of watching or downloading from this site is easy, but it is a risk legally.

What are the main movie types available in 7StarHD?

You can find international movies like South Korean and a lot of regional Indian cinema like Malayalam, South Indian, etc.

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