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8 steps to create a successful mailing campaign

Mailing continues to be a very effective customer loyalty tool, no matter how long it has been on the market, or how many new media have been created in recent years, an email sent is one of the most direct messages we can send to our target audience speaking in digital terms.

The advantages of mailing tools such as Mailify are many among them are the wide possibility of segmentation and automation, detailed metrics and their low costs.

For a mailing campaign to be truly successful, it is necessary to have a real database, take good care of our message and be clear about the frequency of delivery.

After having these clear aspects we can start creating a successful campaign, below we will mention the necessary steps to achieve it:

Mailing: 8 steps to create an effective campaign

Step 1: Specify the sender of the mailing correctly

Sending a mass mail from email tools such as Gmail or Yahoo makes the chances of opening very low, so it is important to use your own domain that identifies the brand.

Use email addresses that are enabled to receive user responses, that is, avoid and instead use addresses like .

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Step 2: Use a flashy subject

The issue is the gateway to our shipments, you have a great responsibility to trigger many clicks and to increase the open rate.

Think of the issue as the great headline of your campaign, spend time figuring out a clear, direct and brief option. Use the most important words at the beginning and keep in mind the appropriate length for the subject.

There are several types of topics that you can use depending on the campaign objective, you can give it a humorous, curious or warning touch.

Another idea is to give the matter a sense of urgency such as “last day of sales!”. It is also very effective to mention listings such as “the 5 best beaches in Mexico” or “the 10 most populated places in the world”.

Step 3: Create a design template according to your brand image

Use a responsive design template aligned to the corporate image of your brand, include a header with the logo and remember to put the option “web version” in case any of your contacts have problems viewing the content.

In the footer of email or footer locate the data of your company such as address, telephone numbers, etc. and at the end it includes the option “Unsubscribe”.

Many companies omit this last recommendation with the intention of not letting a contact escape but … remember that a valuable contact base is one that has people who are really interested in our content.

Mailify incorporates the EmailBuilder / Templates content editor with 84 responsive templates that you can customize in a few clicks by dragging and dropping blocks of content. It has different types of designs for newsletter, e-commerce, events, etc.


Step 5: Pay attention to the content

Make content that is in accordance with the interest of your contacts, be very clear, do not beat around the bush, get to the point and use a tone of communication according to that of your brand.

The layout of the content is also important, use capitals, bold and underline well, take care of your spelling, grammar … all this is important for the image of your company!

Create varied content, send offers, discounts, tips, tutorials, etc. and uses different types of messages, for example:

  • About the company: more than talking about the company itself. It is about creating content that reflects the benefits that the subscriber can receive from it. For example, you can report changes the company has made that benefit the client or lists of available jobs.

It is valid to deal with issues such as the progress the company has had or the years it has been in the market, these data generate trust and strengthen reputation.

  • About products or services: we can keep our users updated with new products or services, we can also promote what we sell the most or the least … it all depends on the needs of the moment.

The information may contain special characteristics of our products / services, updates, exclusive advice, discounts, etc.

The truth is that sending content about what we offer is an excellent opportunity to educate the client, engage them and provide them with valuable information.

  • About the client: remember that your client is more than a figure for your company, he is a person, so take out your most creative side to create content that touches the human fiber.
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A good example is highlighting customer success stories, showing the positive messages they send us, and publicly thanking.

  • About customer support: send newsletters to help the customer to solve problems that arise, for example a list of frequently asked questions or free resources.

Step 6: Include images but don’t abuse

The images are perfect to express or graphically complement our content but be careful! their use must be regulated. Make a good balance between content and images.

Keep in mind that if you include very large images, email managers can block them or slow down the download, especially on mobile devices.

Step 7: Add your social networks

They are very useful for contacts to share information on their social profiles, which will help us increase dissemination.

They are also a good option to direct subscribers to our company’s social networks and increase the number of followers.

Step 8: Include a CTA

All mailing campaigns must have a measurable, clear and specific call to action (CTA) that is always consistent with the objective we want to achieve.

The CTA must instruct the recipient to perform the action we want, so it must be very visible.

What characterizes a good CTA is:

  • That the user visualizes it without the need to scroll
  • That has colors or a design that highlights it from the rest of the content
  • Sometimes it is valid that your CTA is similar to the subject
  • That is consistent with the objective of your campaign

You have reached the end, at this point you already know the steps necessary to create a mailing campaign but be careful! Lastly, we recommend that you carefully review each step and do shipping tests before sending it to your contact list.

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