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With just weeks to say goodbye to 2019, it’s time to update your current strategies with new trends. It is no secret to anyone that the world of Digital Marketing is evolving rapidly.

It is a dynamic and constantly changing industry where technology is taking up more and more space. That is why you must constantly soak up the innovations and tools that can make everything much easier.

Innovating means standing out from the competition and for this you must plan the next strategies of your business. Remember that only brands that know how to adapt to these new scenarios will be able to survive in the market. Here we present the 7 Digital Marketing trends for 2020 that are already beginning to take center stage in the industry.

1. Virtual and Augmented Reality

This concept involves the interaction between the user and a computer system simulating a digital environment. This technological development is increasingly ceasing to be something that people only know through movies or video games. Virtual and augmented reality can also influence a consumer’s purchase decision.

They are currently being used as marketing strategies by large companies. However, there are more and more programs accessible to small companies that with this seek to achieve objectives such as:

  • Generate immersion and interaction between the brand and the client.
  • Enable the customer experience of a product or service from the digital field and at a distance.
  • Present prototypes or semi-finished products to an audience.
  • Capture clients interested in the technological field .
  • Project innovation as a feature of the brand.

2. Voice search and Artificial Intelligence

As for Digital Marketing, the greatest exponents will be the smart home devices that have taken over the market. We are talking about Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomePod that are increasingly embedded in this field. We do not doubt that advertising will leak through these devices very soon.

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The voice command technologies in these tools transform user behavior. This person has less and less time to type the information he needs in the Smartphone search engine. What does this mean? That in 2020 your business should focus its efforts on improving the consumer experience related to voice search.

Voice search is vital for your SEO strategy , as it is one of the variables to consider to position your brand. Search engines not only interpret the meaning of words, but also the intent and context behind each search.

Google’s algorithm is giving importance to voice searches. This is because we are more detailed when conducting a spoken search than written . Consider these best practices to improve your voice search rankings:

  • Register your company in Google My Business .
  • Create pages or blog posts with answers to frequently asked questions that the public may ask about your product or service.
  • Optimize your website to appear in featured snippets , which are the typical clear and concise reply boxes you see at the top of Google search results . It is commonly called “position 0 in Google.”

3. Context Marketing in each of the stages of the sale

Being able to customize the offers according to each consumer is the great challenge to be achieved by 2020. In fact, the goal is to recognize the user when he interacts in the different broadcast channels, such as:

  • Social networks.
  • Online store.
  • Offline points of sale and distributors.

In this way, your business will experience an increase in indicators such as the recurrence of purchase, average basket and in the level of recommendation of current customers to potential ones.

In this area, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies and tools will take on much more prominence. This is due to the facilities they offer to centrally handle large volumes of customer-related data.

The context marketing will become more important thanks to these technologies because they enable timely display content to the right user at the right time . It is about knowing the audience and managing their data properly to achieve greater personalization of the content.

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In this way, a CRM software will help to segment not only customers but also prospects to offer an increasingly personalized approach . The work teams of your company will be able to carry out increasingly better marketing strategies.

4. Transparency in native advertising

This term refers to the dissemination of paid content that is “in-feed”, being inherently non-disruptive for the user. Businesses are investing more and more in this method and less in traditional display ads .

According to a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), 83% of advertisers use native advertising regularly in their actions. However, you have to be careful and ensure transparency in this advertising format. The user is increasingly rejecting advertising disguised as quality content.

Companies must adapt and enhance their creativity to present promoted content. The idea is that the user can accept the content naturally, knowing that it will be useful.

5. Use of messaging applications and Chatbots

Messaging is one of the preferred ways for users to contact companies . Sure, as long as it is a quality service that works and not those in which you can spend days waiting for an answer. As a business, neglecting this feature within your website can be a terrible idea for 2020.

Many companies are using Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Business . These messaging applications are allied with Chatbots , which are computer tools that simulate human conversations.

Through a Chatbot you can automate tasks that are repetitive and bureaucratic , which gives you more time to focus on areas of greater importance in the company. We usually see it on product pages where we ask for some type of merchandise and the chatbot responds by sending us the link of the section of the page where they are or redirecting us to a section of “frequently asked questions”.

With artificial intelligence, chatbots are diversifying, adapting to different ways of asking questions. Define what the goal of your chatbot will be for 2020 and integrate it with applications like Facebook to increase your sales.

6. Immediate content for express users

The practicality of smartphones makes us consume content at any time and place . Not for nothing have they become the main mode of access to the Internet, affecting the way in which a user makes inquiries and consumes content.

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Users access their mobile search engine to receive immediate information, quickly and easily. Especially since these devices are used while doing other activities. This is known as ” fast content ” and will represent a challenge for brands in 2020. We already know some platforms for this:

  • Facebook Stories.
  • Instagram Stories.
  • AMP Stories from Google .

Companies must use their creativity and ability to synthesize content to retain a difficult-to-engage audience that consumes content quickly . The key is to use content that is ephemeral but that is attractive and impactful at the same time. Make sure it’s interactive and allows for user immersion . This will boost your brand’s presence and CTR (Click Through Rate).

It should be noted that fast content has nothing to do with lowering the quality of your content. This should be useful and add value to the user, like any long publication. It should not be your only dissemination method to follow, since depending on the topic and the target, a content of greater duration and depth may be more convenient.

7. Automation of Marketing processes

It will not only help you to reduce costs but also to have a global vision of your future actions to follow. It is ideal to apply in areas such as:

  • Generation of engagement with the product.
  • Automation of repetitive marketing processes .
  • Machine learning based on data.

Segmenting contacts, conducting emailing campaigns or re-engagement are just some of the tasks that benefit from automation.


To define what trends your business needs, it is necessary to outline the objectives you want to achieve for 2020. The nature of your product or service also plays a fundamental role when choosing the strategy.

This will be an exciting era for digital marketing, where robotization and the Internet of Things will test the capacity for technological innovation of small, medium and large companies.

Likewise, the Smartphone will continue to be the protagonist in your promotion strategies. This means that all efforts must remain mobile-oriented . Invest resources in adapting your business as much as possible to this device. We are not only talking about content adaptation but also technical adaptation at all levels.

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