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First Steps in SEO: Keyword Analysis

The following detailed steps represent the first instances to consider when implementing SEO for a given client, with an existing website. Throughout this note we will explain the second of the 8 basic and fundamental steps to fully optimize a web page.

1st Display of the Web page

2nd Keyword Analysis

3rd Elaboration of Meta Tags = Title and Descriptions

4th H1 – H2

5th Optimization of Content

6º Improve the website URL

7th Linkbuilding

8º Implementation and Optimization of Social Networks

2nd Keyword Analysis

This is one of the most important steps when doing SEO . It consists of doing an exhaustive search for those keywords that we think users are looking for, always taking into account which client we are going to be working for.

The idea is to put yourself in the user’s place and see all the options you have when searching for a product or service on the internet .

Ex: A person who is looking to take a trip to Salta and needs a place to stay would surely be looking for the following:

– Hotel in Salta

– Hotels in Salta

– Accommodation in Salta

– Accommodation in Salta

– Hotel prices jumps

– Cabins in Salta

– Hostel in Salta

The idea is to choose those words that most represent the service and those that are most RELEVANT to our client. If this is a hotel in Salta, we will not be choosing Cabins in Salta, since when it comes to doing SEO we will be competing with a market that does not concern us. Working with LongTail words is very important . These are those words that are characterized by being more specific and longer.

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Ex: hotel in Salta with heated pool and spa (if our hotel has a heated pool and spa)

The idea of ​​working with this type of words is that they surely have less competition than generic ones and it will be easier for us to position ourselves. In addition, the specificity of the search ensures that the person who finds us was really looking for us.

When we have a large number of words, the idea is to see the Search Volume that word has, for that we will use the Google Adwords tool , Key Words Tool. This tool will be indicating precisely how many searches there are per word in Google . These results can be adjusted to divide them by country, language and monthly.

Once we have this overview of keywords and their volume, it is time to choose which ones we will be using for our website. Both the quantity and the type of words will depend on the client and the products that he offers. If you are a customer offering a single product and there are not many variations, I would not recommend “pushing” more than 8-10 keywords. Of this total there will be 4 that will be the most important and to which we will give more emphasis.

These keywords will be the ones that we will use in the Meta tags, titles, URLs and the content of our website .

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