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Update on How Does Google May Update the Rankings Algorithm?

Update on How Does Google May Update the Rankings Algorithm?

How Google May updates the rankings algorithm is a question that many have been asking over the past few months. Many major search engines like Google, have been criticized in the past for making changes to the way they rank websites. These changes to how Google ranks websites have been controversial since they can have a drastic effect on the website’s rank and the amount of traffic that these websites attract. The controversy stems from the fact that some people feel that the way Google ranks a website is unfair. Other’s don’t feel that their ranking method is fair because they feel that certain sites are favored over others in the same industry.

Now, there seems to be an agreement between the two sides. Google has admitted to making changes to how they rank websites but they claim that these changes aren’t going to favor any one website over another. The fact is that the update will affect all of them. The only difference will be how the updates will affect your search results. So how does Google May update the rankings algorithm?

Well the truth is that no one really knows how Google May updates the rankings. This is because the company that makes the search engine know what is important to their users. They update their algorithms all the time and the rankings are always changing.

It is a bit hard to say what the change will look like. The big update was when Google disabled the touch feature. When you’re using this feature you are able to drag down on the page you are on. This would have allowed the site to be more visible to people using the touch feature. Obviously the ranking algorithm is being affected but how it will affect is anyone’s guess at this point in time.

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Some speculate that when the update comes about, it will drastically effect how SEO works. They believe that the touch feature will be disabled all together and that will make it much more difficult for pages to get ranked. Others believe that the update won’t affect the rankings at all but will simply force those pages that have been ranking poorly to rank better. There are other theories out there as well with some even saying that the update will be effective in bringing quality sites up.

How does Google May update the ranking algorithm? As it turns out, it looks like they will be making two major changes. First, they will be removing the “Do follow” tag from some pages. This means that if you have your own site, you can have the “Do not follow” tag applied to your link. If you don’t have your own site, this won’t mean anything to you but it can make a big difference for others.

Secondly, they will be reducing the effect of penalty effects. A penalty can decrease the rankings significantly so having this off the list can be beneficial. The penalty that Google may be looking at is the fact that some pages have had duplicated content on them. They may be looking to reduce the effect of this completely.

With all of these changes, we can expect an update on how does google may update the rankings. If you are one of the many internet marketers that are struggling to get your site to rank well, this may be the solution you are looking for. You may also be concerned with how a penalty can affect your rankings. Google is looking to reduce this risk by making sure that their actions are as transparent as possible. They are also looking to reduce risk as well which is why they are looking to make their algorithm as clear as possible. With these two major changes, you can expect an update on how does google may update the rankings in the near future.

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